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Michael Bolton headed back to the ballroom

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No.. it's not what you think.... Singer and ex-dancer-wannabe Michael Bolton will be back in the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom on Tuesday night to sub for ailing songstress Susan Boyle. Seems La Boyle developed a severe throat infection and was advised by her advisers and doctors not to perform on Tuesday's results show.

Since "DWTS" is live, host Tom Bergeron had us on pins and needles all through the yawner of a competition night stating that as soon as they knew Boyle's replacement, they'd let us know. I wish they had cutaway to judge Bruno Tonioli's face when the announcement was finally made. Bolton will get to sing in front of the biggest audience he's ever faced, and face the judge who sent him packing. How delightful!

Speaking of big yawns, was it just me or was tonight a snooze-fest punctuated by Florence Henderson's dramatic (read: boring) waltz? She's a delight but she was saddled by Corky Ballas' choreography for the walking dead. Could he have made the waltz any more dreary? He owes Flo an apology.

Brightest spots tonight? That would have to be Kyle Massey and Rick Fox. Both of their routines were exciting, fun, and lively. Kudos to Audrina Patridge for the evening's most lovely turn. And I still have NO idea what the heck Karina and The Situation were supposedly doing on that dance floor. (Note to The Situation: Please stop staring at yourself in the monitor especially when Brooke Burke is talking to you!)

Note to wardrobe department: Stop dressing Bristol Palin in Kate Smith cast-offs. For cryin' out loud she's only 20! She's looked downright dowdy for the past two weeks.

Prediction for tomorrow night's elimination? Margaret Cho.

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