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Bristol Palin music video cameo draws PETA ire

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While Bristol Palin is being touted on "Dancing with the Stars" as not being exactly at home in front of the cameras, she has no apparent stage fright in the video for Alaskan rockers Static Cycle and their "Inside This World of Mine" new video. The song is cool; her BIG hat.... hmmmm. Me thinks she's about to get a whole lotta folks searching frantically for the warm-and-fuzzy winter must-have! Check out the video below and read all about it at, where the video is enjoying its world premiere.

Apparenly, PETA weighed on on the whole shebang, criticizing Bristol's wearing of the mink hat (very "Dr. Zhivago-ish if you ask me).... here's the band's official statement:

"In response to the criticism that Bristol Palin has received this week from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for wearing a Mink fur coat and hat in the music video of Alaskan rock-band Static Cycle for their new single "Inside This World of Mine," frontman Jared Navarre was offended:

"This country was founded by living off the land" he says. "And that tradition continues here in Alaska where many still hunt for food and clothing, fish, clear trees for lumber for houses, and drill oil to run the economy. We chose a fur coat for Bristol as a natural way to help portray her role as 'mother nature' - nothing synthetic. A nylon jumpsuit obviously would not have represented Alaska or the role. Bristol is of Alaska Native heritage and it's culturally insensitive for PETA to come to Alaska and tell us what to wear."

Regarding PETA Navarre adds, "For those who complain about using animals for food or to stay warm, I would like to challenge their convictions by dropping them off stark naked in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and see what they do to survive!"

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I'm a memember of the other PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals, and I approve this message!

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