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Audrina Patrdige exits the ballroom

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Len Goodman was beside himself with disbelief, muttering something about the injustice of it all. Bruno Tonioli was bordering on utter incomprehensibility. Carrie Ann Inaba was about to burst into tears. The reason for all their unabashed emotion? The two couples left standing in the eerie red elimination light on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show: Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani, and Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough.

Translation: Two of the highest-scoring couples were facing elimination, and when all was said and done, Patridge was shown the exit.

Did either couple deserve to be voted off tonight? Based on their performances last night, they didn't exactly dazzle. However, the two actresses proved they deserved to head into next week, based on their cumulative efforts over the past weeks.

What was surprising was that Bristol Palin and Rick Fox are still standing.. nothing personal mind you, as I was cheering on Fox for several weeks. But it's coming down to the wires, and at some point, you just have to root for the talented celebs, regardless of your emotional investment.

The show has passed the half-way point and by all rights the least-effective dancers should be exiting. But this is "DWTS" which has proved time and time again, that it's not what you know, it's who you know when it comes to the voting process, and those with the biggest fan bases, regardless of talent, will be around for weeks and weeks and weeks.

It will be interesting to see what transpires next week. Will popularity win out over talent? How totally high school!

Bristol Palin music video cameo draws PETA ire

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While Bristol Palin is being touted on "Dancing with the Stars" as not being exactly at home in front of the cameras, she has no apparent stage fright in the video for Alaskan rockers Static Cycle and their "Inside This World of Mine" new video. The song is cool; her BIG hat.... hmmmm. Me thinks she's about to get a whole lotta folks searching frantically for the warm-and-fuzzy winter must-have! Check out the video below and read all about it at, where the video is enjoying its world premiere.

Apparenly, PETA weighed on on the whole shebang, criticizing Bristol's wearing of the mink hat (very "Dr. Zhivago-ish if you ask me).... here's the band's official statement:

"In response to the criticism that Bristol Palin has received this week from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for wearing a Mink fur coat and hat in the music video of Alaskan rock-band Static Cycle for their new single "Inside This World of Mine," frontman Jared Navarre was offended:

"This country was founded by living off the land" he says. "And that tradition continues here in Alaska where many still hunt for food and clothing, fish, clear trees for lumber for houses, and drill oil to run the economy. We chose a fur coat for Bristol as a natural way to help portray her role as 'mother nature' - nothing synthetic. A nylon jumpsuit obviously would not have represented Alaska or the role. Bristol is of Alaska Native heritage and it's culturally insensitive for PETA to come to Alaska and tell us what to wear."

Regarding PETA Navarre adds, "For those who complain about using animals for food or to stay warm, I would like to challenge their convictions by dropping them off stark naked in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and see what they do to survive!"

Several interesting things we learned on tonight's episode of "Dancing with the Stars":
1) Anna Trebunskya had no idea what "Bewitched" the television show was all about; she had no idea who Walter Payton was... much to the dismay of her partner Kurt Warner. We'll let those slide, since she did not grow up in America.

2) Lacy Schwimmer had no idea who Richard Pryor was.

3) Lacy's celeb partner Kyle Massey had no idea who the original Charlie's Angels were.

5) I doubt Bristol Palin had any clue whatsoever who the Monkees were, and she smartly kept that to herself.

4) "TV Theme Night" was a big old snore.

Yep, "DWTS" did not choose wisely when it came to TV theme songs for its dance corps. Not that they were bad themes, they just didn't jive with the ballroom.
Who thought that fox-trotting to the theme from "Charlie's Angels" was a good idea? Or that doing a sultry tango to the "Brady Bunch" theme would result in a really good dance performance? Or that putting Bristol Palin in a gorilla suit for a fox trot was A) funny or B) funny or C) funny?

Tonights' show was amiss on so many levels it leaves one wondering: Why can't they just DANCE on "Dancing with the Stars"? There's nothing wrong with having some fun and creative ways to spice things up, but there wasn't anything smart or fun about tonight's dreadful display.

Was there good dancing? Well, yes. Brandy and Maks did a nice turn with their quick step to the theme from "Friends." Rick and Cheryl were fine throughout their rhumba to the theme from "Hill St. Blues." Kurt and Anna didn't do too badly during their quickstep to the aforementioned "Bewitched."

The night's biggest letdown? Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough's fox trot to "Married with Children." To paraphrase judge Len Goodman, too much playing around and not enough dancing.

Next week's theme (yep, another theme night!) is rock 'n' roll. Can't wait.

Prediction for Tuesday's elimination? Bristol Palin. Sorry, she is not as good a dancer as the rest (Florence Henderson scored higher), and really, that isn't saying very much after tonight's debacle.

Jon Secada injured on Latin 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Everyone thought that The Situation's lifts with Karina Smirnoff on "Dancing with the Stars" were a daring do. On the Latin American version of "Dancing with the Stars," called "Mira Quien Baila" over on Univision, Secada and his lovely pro partner showed just how difficult, dangerous and perhaps unnecessary these difficult moves are. During their cha-cha routine, Secada appears to drop his partner on his head (NOTE: How Jay Cutler-ish!), while he falls backwards on his leg and injures his ankle.

Everybody's in pain, and he is helped off the ballroom floor by several show staffers (of course notice how nobody's paying to attention to his partner who's rubbing the back of her head!)

Maybe asking celebs --- who don't have the years of physical training and dance prowess -- to do some of these moves is getting out of hand. What do you think?

Michael Bolton headed back to the ballroom

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No.. it's not what you think.... Singer and ex-dancer-wannabe Michael Bolton will be back in the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom on Tuesday night to sub for ailing songstress Susan Boyle. Seems La Boyle developed a severe throat infection and was advised by her advisers and doctors not to perform on Tuesday's results show.

Since "DWTS" is live, host Tom Bergeron had us on pins and needles all through the yawner of a competition night stating that as soon as they knew Boyle's replacement, they'd let us know. I wish they had cutaway to judge Bruno Tonioli's face when the announcement was finally made. Bolton will get to sing in front of the biggest audience he's ever faced, and face the judge who sent him packing. How delightful!

Speaking of big yawns, was it just me or was tonight a snooze-fest punctuated by Florence Henderson's dramatic (read: boring) waltz? She's a delight but she was saddled by Corky Ballas' choreography for the walking dead. Could he have made the waltz any more dreary? He owes Flo an apology.

Brightest spots tonight? That would have to be Kyle Massey and Rick Fox. Both of their routines were exciting, fun, and lively. Kudos to Audrina Patridge for the evening's most lovely turn. And I still have NO idea what the heck Karina and The Situation were supposedly doing on that dance floor. (Note to The Situation: Please stop staring at yourself in the monitor especially when Brooke Burke is talking to you!)

Note to wardrobe department: Stop dressing Bristol Palin in Kate Smith cast-offs. For cryin' out loud she's only 20! She's looked downright dowdy for the past two weeks.

Prediction for tomorrow night's elimination? Margaret Cho.

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