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Week 2 of 'Dancing with the Stars' kicks off with an historic 3

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I don't know what's scarier.... Michael Bolton rehearsing in a surgical mask (he was diagnosed with laryngitis) or emerging from a dog house to a bone-wagging Chelsie Hightower. Or Hightower's lame explanation for her crappy choreography. Combine all that with his dismal footwork, forgotten steps and you have the first-ever 3 in the history of the ballroom (total score: 12).

But that was the state of events so far tonight on week 2 of the competition on "Dancing with the Stars."

And can someone explain why Brandy got 7s for her yawn of a jive?

God love Florence Henderson for hanging in there for a quickstep that was very demanding. Proved her age is perhaps not going to stand in her way this season.

Seen in the ballroom: Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady!) and of course, Mama Sarah Palin to cheer for first daughter Bristol!

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I agree with the assessment of Bolton's performance. Having suffered through his routines these past two weeks, I believe this guy is making Tucker Carlson and Wayne Neweton look like Fred Astaire in comparison!

"First daughter Bristol"?? AFAIK, Sarah Palin is not currently in office as head of anything (thank goodness!)

There are three people at my house tonight watching Dancing with the Stars but.... the comments made by the judges for Michael Bolton were unacceptable, we were shocked by their behavior, they made Simon Cowell look like a Angel. We are done watching your show, it might not of been a good performance but they were rude, mean etc....

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