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TV review: TBS's 'Are We There Yet?'

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'Are We There Yet?'
Two and a half stars
8 and 8:30 p.m. on TBS

The main problem with "Are We There Yet?" is that it requires a "Cosby Show"-level suspension of disbelief. No -- more. We are presented with a new husband eager to bond with his stepchildren. He is accomplished in both athletics and computers, and comes with his own throw pillows. After much discussion about whether his wife should take his name, he tells her that he'll hyphenate HIS name.

Men like this do not and should not exist, even in fiction. "Are We There Yet?" may do more damage to young romantics than Jane Austen novels.

The sitcom is based on the 2005 Ice Cube film "Are We There Yet?" and its sequel, neither of which were very good. The show is corny, with cartoonish supporting characters. So it pains me to say this, but the series started to grow on me.

A few reasons to watch:

*Terry Crews, late of "Everybody Hates Chris," somehow pulls off the saintly dad role without seeming like an insipid wuss. He's funny. Like in the movie, he confides his feelings to a bobblehead - except it's Charles Barkley instead of Satchel Paige, and it doesn't talk back with Tracy Morgan's voice.

*Essence Atkins, who takes over the Nia Long role as the mom, has a professional wardrobe to kill for.

*The token white people are open about their ignorance. Christian Finnegan, as the dad's best pal, at one point says, "I'm allowed to say jigga, right?" (Probably not.)

The frequent pop-culture references might not age well in syndication -Michelle Obama maybe, but Heidi Montag? Overall, though, there's enough originality and likability in "Are We There Yet?" to make it a pleasant destination.

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Man its actually show like this that made me stop watching TV on regular basis a few years back Im way choosier today and prefer to wait and buy them on DVD as well.

As Page mention its an show with annoying cartoonish characters, that kind of grown on you. So it actually took a few tries before you enjoyed the misery. If I would ask oyu after the first episode so would you probably have said that it would be insanity to follow it.

So trust you gut feeling and don\t watch crap like this.


Terry crews is Hilarious though.

I completely agree with you India. Essence Atkins is TERRIBLE. She is the main sour note of the show. I think she is a terrible actress and overall just weird. Replace her and the kids too

i think that show can do without essence atkins she is not funny at all and the kids are boring as well, they need the girl who played as the wife in the hughleys elisa neal, please either take that show off or put a better funnier actress thanks.

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