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TV review: NBC's '100 Questions'

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'100 Questions'
2 stars
7:30 p.m. Thursday on WMAQ-Channel 5

The concept is rich with possibilities: A woman meets with a dating service's "soulmate specialist" to answer 100 questions about what she's looking for. Question 1: What brings you here? The answer leads to half-hour flashback of dating horror stories.

Anyone who's ever been single knows that there's comedy gold in humiliating anecdotes. Case in point: The gentleman on last week's "The Bachelorette" who volunteered a story about how he got his nickname, Shooter. (Premature ejaculation.) No, he did not get a rose.

And "100 Questions" won't get much love, either. Miss Lonelyheart is a beautiful Brit (played by Sophie Winkleman) who has an entourage of pals who are eerily similar to "Friends," complete with a luxe apartment that could pass for a Pottery Barn. But their interactions are stiff and obvious (and... PAUSE for laugh track). Any funny bits are canceled out by clichés (a guy proposes via JumboTron) and cheap shots. For instance, was it necessary to mock albinos in the pilot? Haven't they suffered enough from their vilification in "The DaVinci Code"?

One consolation: David Walton, who starred in NBC's "Quarterlife," is a standout as the sultry, 6-foot-4 disowned son of a billionaire who can deliver just about any cheesy pickup line with success.

Is he worth sitting through the entire show? It depends on how desperate you are for companionship.

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