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The judges seal the deal 'Dancing with the Stars'

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And so it went on tonight's semi-finals round of "Dancing with the Stars." If EVER there was a clear, concise and in-your-face message from judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, it was the "24" they awarded Chad Ochocinco for his marvelous samba (it merited a "27"). They were determined to make sure Chad had little hope of advancing to next week's finals (unless there's a tsunami of voter turnout for the football great).

While Ochocinco may not be on par with the remaining semi-finalists--- Erin (I've been dancing all my life") Andrews, Nicole ("I've been dancing all my life and look I still dance for a profession") Scherzinger, and Evan ("I dance on ice" ) Lysacek, he proved this season that someone with absolutely no dancing experience can learn to dance; and dance well-enough to make it to the semi-finals. After all, isn't that what "Dancing with the Stars" was supposed to be about?

Barring any surprises, Chad will be leaving the ballroom tomorrow night on the results show. And when (if!) he does, he can hold his head up high because he played a great game all season. Too bad the rest of the pack had such blatant advantages.

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Excuse me to all of you Nicole haters. Evan and Erin had dance training too. Nicole was not naturally good at dancing; her main specialty is singing. She HAD to learn how to dance for PCD b/c PCD was a dancing burlesque troupe. She had to work hard on it. I wish all of you old people could stop being haters of Nicole.

I am in complete agreement with the people who have stated that Nicole should NOT win. In fact, the only fair thing would be to eliminate her tonight. I, too, have always enjoyed watching DWTS, but unless the "playing field" is evened out next season, I will no longer be watching the program.

Nicole was hired as the lead singer for the PCD. Facts are important. I think people watch the show for different reasons. I watch to see great dancing and would likely not watch a season of people average people getting a little better.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that DWTS was supposed to be competition among people with little or no dance experience facing the challenge of learning and performing. It is NOT FAIR for someone like Nicole to be part of this. Chad, I agree, however this goes, you were awesome! Oh, by the way, I won't be watching DWTS anymore - for the reason stated above. Not what it's supposed to be.

The argument for Chad being advanced to the next round doesn't stand. If I remember correctly, in recent seasons there has been a race car driver & a speed skater that had no previous dance experience & they did pretty well. Chad has done well, but not well enough to advance to the finals. As far as injustices, who was undeservingly advanced to the finals after it was discovered that one of her competitors was doing Playboy and suddenly voted off. The fans have a large part in the decision to advance, if Chad was slighted last night, the fans have an opportunity to right that wrong.

Nicole IS a PROFESSIONAL dancer. She was hired to be a dancer when Pussycat Dolls were a dance act. It was 2 years after she joined that they became a pop vocal group.

I too think Chad should be very proud and that DWTS should be ashamed of themselves for letting the public down in selecting other people with obvious dancing experience. I thought the show was about finding people with no experience and making them into real dancers.

Sorry, but I enjoyed watching Nicole dance... She is a performer and not a PROFESSIONAL dancer. Chad Ochocinco is also like a dancer on the football field... making sure his toes are not out of bounds when he catches that ball like a ballerina. All of them have some form of dancing experience cause I'm sure Chad is out there in the club moving to those club music. But I enjoy watching Nicole and Evan dance!

couldn't have said it better myself.

taking someone with ordinary dancing skills and to work as hard as he has......should be the reason for an advancement. not elimination.

nicole should not win.

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