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Nicole Scherzinger takes the mirrorball trophy

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So it's nearly 24 hours later (is that seemingly endless finale show STILL going on?), and another season of "Dancing with the Stars" comes to a close. While many still would argue this was the best season ever, I found season 10 to be tedious and boring simply because the competition was a lock pretty much from the first week. Looking back, was there any doubt Nicole and her pro partner Derek Hough would win the whole shebang? Sure, it ultimately became a of three-way race between Nicole, Erin Andrews and Evan Lysacek, but even that race seemed a shoe-in for the fiery and yes, talented, Nicole. For the rest of the pack, it became a game of "which one of us will be the next one to leave because there's no way we're catching up to that trio."
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Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough with their mirrorball trophy backstage Tuesday night at "Dancing with the Stars. (AP)

Which brings us to the eternal question: Who will dance next season?
Here's hoping the series decides what it wants to be by the time the next lineup is revealed.

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Boo! If you found the show tedious and boring, then I won't bother to read you anymore.

The result was hardly predictable. The best dancer has won only 50% of the time on this show. Which means the other 50% of the time the best dancer lost. Many of us expected Nicole to be denied the win despite her obvious talent and hard work.

Gilles' win was predictable, right? He led all season long. Mya's win was predictable, correct? She was far and away the best dancer. How about MelB? Mario Lopez? John O'Hurley?

We were constantly told that viewers would resent Nicole's prior dance experience, though it included no ballroom and no partner dancing. We were told viewers resented her tears and her perfectionism.

The show fed that suspicion by revealing that each of the four semifinalists led in the viewer vote within the past few weeks. Nicole had led the judges' scoring each of those four weeks, yet the viewers rewarded her with the top vote only 1 in 4 weeks - 25% of the time! Meaning that 75% of the time they favored others.

Even the judges said Erin was rapidly moving up. And viewers loved Erin and Maks' showmance, which they fed with their freestyle, performed on and around a bed! Former cast members stumped for Evan or Erin, Niecy Nash going so far as to assert that Nicole would not win.

I'm thrilled the best dancer finally won. Rather than lament it, it would have been nice if you would have acknowledged that it was about time.

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