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Soap star gets the boot on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Sometimes I REALLY hate being right, and last night was one of those times. I predicted that it very possibly was Aiden Turner's last dance in the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom, and on tonight's results show, the prediction came true as the sexy soap star was voted off the show.

The celeb who SHOULD have been shown the door was Kate Gosselin, who continues to defy the odds and all reason.The fact that she can't dance is an understatement. But she is a ratings-grabber, if nothing else, and apparently her legions can out-call and out-text anybody's else's.

If I were Jake Pavelka, or Niecy Nash (who, along with the aforementioned Kate and Aiden, ended up in the last three couples standing column before elimination), I'd be very worried about next week's results show. Kate's crusaders might just have one of you hanging up your dancing shoes for good.

Side note: Is it just me, or did Edyta Sliwinska's tanned nakedness finally outwear its welcome? Seems even her lack of clothing couldn't save her for one more week. This week's costume was just the worst one to date; or maybe voters have just, uhm, seen enough for one season?

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I think that the producers of the show are deliberately keeping her there so people watch the show. They seem to think that she will bring people back to watch the show just to see how bad she dances, and then they return again to see if she get's kicked off. This show has nothing to do with actual dancing talent, just like American Idol-it's all a popularity contest. We can vote all we want, but in the end, it's all up to the producers of the show. Why do they even make us think that our votes really count?

Edyta Sliwinska is sooo hot. I watched a video here ( with her workout routine and maan, it's so easy&cool. I'm hoping to get some pretty nice abs soon. :D

Aiden is gone and Kate is still there? What is wrong with this picture? I quit watching after how nasty they were to Buzz and Ashly. If they don't want old people on then don't invite them, but quit picking at them. This show is a joke. Kate the whiner who is not liked and can not dance needs to go home four shows ago and raise those children. Disgusting! (I think DWTS rigs the voting for ratings)

I love this show, but I agree it's becoming just a popularity contest. Kate Gosselin is getting the pity vote, especially now with the custody battle started by her ex-- (I saw that one coming as soon as I heard she was going to be on the show). Edyta needs to cover up and stop designing routines that make her look good. She's great, but needs to showcase the celebrity. I was sorry to see Aidan go-I've always liked him and you could see he was really into it. People need to judge the stars on their ability, not their popularity.

I'd be very worried if I were Jake or Nicey because I think ABC will throw either of them to the lions in Kate's place. This is about ratings not dancing.

Well is you remember the last SAncing with the Stars Donny Osmond won over Mia and clearly she was a better dancer so it isn't what you know but who or who likes you more. And as for Edyta's lack of clothing it isn't any worse than Pamela Anderson and I don;t see anyone complaining about her.

I have never seen a show that was supposed to be based on Dancing, and ended up being based on pity votes. The voters should be ashamed of then selves. The netwook should be ashamed to air such crap. I will never watch the show again and I pray others do the same. The judges should have the final say. shame shame shame. The show sucks

I am completely dumbfounded that Kate is still around and even more baffled as to how she managed to not be in the bottom 2. I think with a peg leg and one eye both Niecy and Aiden would dance circles around Kate and yet she is still here. Clearly people are voting for the worst to keep her around for pure amusement.

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