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Not a whole lotta lovin' on tonight's 'Dancing with the Stars'

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What an odd sort of night it was on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" competition. Two dances were performed, the sultry rhumba and the fiery tango. Not a whole lotta either dance turned up for the party, as couple after couple failed to massively impress the judges. Two sets of scores were issued, one for performance and one for technical skill. (Prior to this week, one set of scores sufficed for both, but why split hairs).

Once again, Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya topped the leaderboard with their tango, earning a combo "52" for their efforts. At the bottom of the pool (no surprise here) are Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani with a dismal "32." In the night's biggest surprise, Pamela Anderson and her partner Damian Whitewood delivered a scorching rhumba, that netted them a "47," their highest of the season and the third-highest of the night. In between, the rest of the pack seemed almost "lost" tonight; a disconnect permeated the dance floor as partner failed to connect with parter, and couples failed to connect with their music, their dances and frankly, this viewer.

Some general observations on week four of competition on "Dancing with the Stars"

Ouch! Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are not feeling the love tonight, judging by their comments and their liberal use of the "5" and "6" paddle....

Is it just me, or are Edyta Sliwinska's costumes even teenier than ever before? I'll bet tonight's entire ensemble took no more than one yard of silver lame. Poor Aiden; he's never going to overcome her presence.

Louis needs to bring some joy back into Niecy's dances. What a downer the past two weeks have been. She is capable of such joy in her dances (look back at week one).

Evan's tango was perhaps not as snazzy from my TV vantage point as it was from the judges' viewpoint.

Pity Tony Dovolani for having to listen to Kate Gosselin's constant whining about her life and her woes and blah blah blah. Note to Kate: EVERYBODY's life is tough.

The coosome twosome of Maks and Erin perhaps needed to spend a wee bit more time on their footwork this week... ahem

The judges complained about musicality on several occasions... well, note to producers: The music selections tonight were just weird. Great songs on their own, but especially with the tango, they were just too bizarre and the rhythms just too illogical for tango. I'm all for innovative music, but even the pros looked somewhat lost in trying to match the music to the artistry of the dance.

Chad Ochocinco proved he's got some pretty sexy dance moves, and frankly, he displayed the best musicality of any of the celeb guys tonight with his fluid rhumba movements.

Who's outta the ballroom tomorrow night? It should be Kate Gosselin, but Aiden Turner might have danced his last dance tonight.

NEXT WEEK: They dance to movie musical classics.

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Watching this Kate women is sad. She stomps around like a BUFFALO! What were ABC thinking when they even thought of her. Please do the merciful thing and VOTE THIS COW OFF! just remember they shoot wounded animals...

I think the music should be appropriate to the dance.

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