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Movie night on 'Dancing with the Stars' lacked star power

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It's late, so short and sweet is called for.

Tonight's competition was all about the movies. Settled in with a bowl of popcorn with high expectations. What a boring night (the only true "wow" moment came from Nicole and Derek who took "Pretty Woman" to a whole new elegant place. Overall, odd movie choices were made in terms of song selections, considering there are some pretty heady movie musicals out there.

And of course, the judges' scores were just ridiculous. Yawn. It's getting soooo old.

And speaking of getting old....

Kate Gosselin stomped and walked and fumbled her way through "Don't You Forget About Me" from "The Breakfast Club," and I only wish we WOULD forget about her. That miserable movement about the ballroom was not dancing, and yet the judges rewarded her with 5s. Excuse me? Buzz Aldrin did almost as bad a job and he got pelted with 4s. It's beyond obvious that she is going to stay around as long as possible to appease the ABC ratings hogs.

The rest of the pack:
Jake: Tom Cruise he's not. The underwear opening was one of those moments on "DWTS" that will go down in infamy. But I gotta give him credit for taking some risks with "Old Time Rock and Roll."

Evan: Dashing. And Anna Trebunskya channeled Edyta Sliwinska with her lack of a costume tonight.

Chad: Charming, but there was definitely something amiss between him and Cheryl
tonight. Not even their playful banter was, well, playful.

Pamela: Can't say I recognized much of a quickstep, since it was slow and steady, but she sure can channel Dolly Parton in many, MANY ways

Niecy: Thank GOD she got her joyous groove back. "La Bamba" suited her to a T.

Erin: She and Maks are sooooo cute together. "Pulp Fiction" suited them to a T.

So who's going home? Yes, we ALL know it should be Kate, but I have a feeling Chad may be headed for the locker room Tuesday night.

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