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Anything goes when it comes to the scores on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Once upon a time, there was a show called "Dancing with the Stars," and on this particular Monday night's episode, all the competitors were supposed to tell a story through their dance routines. Some of them did very, very well (Erin & Maks, Evan and Anna, Nicole & Derek), while some of them did not very well at all (Buzz and Ashly, Kate & Tony). Others did so-so (Niecy & Louis, Chad and Cheryl, Pam & Damian, Aiden & Edyta, and Jake & Chelsie).

There were also three wise judges, who rated each competing couple to their best of their judges' skills. Only thing, those skills reflected little of what transpired on this glittery night. That's where this story ends.

Reality check.

For the third week in a row, Kate Gosselin made Buzz Aldrin look good, and for the third week in a row, her scores should have been no higher than 4s. And yet, she was promptly rewarded for her dismal efforts with a 15 from the very judges who raked her across the coals for her lack of anything resembling dancing talent. Moments later, the leader (until tonight) of the pack, Nicole Scherzinger, likewise got raked over the coals for what vaguely passed for a quick step AND included a lift AND included several "broke holds," (though it really was the night's liveliest performance). AND the judges rewarded the duo's efforts with an 8 (from Carrie Ann), and a 9 from Bruno (Len awarded a 6 for a dance he just loathed). Earlier in the night, the judges rewarded Jake Pavelka and his partner Chelsie Hightower with a 21 for a quick step in which not much quick stepping was accomplished. Same for Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska, who earned a 20 for his clunky quick step. And on it went.

I think the show has lost all sense of reason when it comes to the judges' scoring criteria. The viewers' voting continues to be the popularity contest it has always been, and that's to be expected from any reality show involving viewer input. What astounds is the fact that for the past two or three seasons, I can't figure out how the judges ARE scoring. Maybe "Dancing" needs to take on the "American Idol" approach: no judges' scores, just comments --- and leave the rest to the viewers. The whole concept of a leaderboard is becoming quite comical as the seasons fly by.

Next week, it's a double-score showdown, wherein the judges will award two sets of marks for each couple: one for technique, and one for performance. Well, what exactly have they been awarding scores for up until now?

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I have been intrigued by the quality dancing of the contestants--until the final episode, when the obviously best dancer was eliminated in favor of a total clod. What a let down. How could this possibly be? Whatever it is, Dancing With the Stars has gone from my favorite program to the bottom of my list. Yech.

Nicole is a great dancer, amazing and entertaining but we want to see someone improve over time, not start with a giant advantage over everyone. However I think Cole Porter would have commended that performance.

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