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'American Idol' results: Two of nine voted off

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I'm spoiling after the jump...

...but I refuse to dignify that Elvis medley with any sort of comment. FREE CRYSTAL!

Casey has had a hair blowout that I don't care for.

And it occurs to me that I should give Ryan Seacrest a little positive reinforcement, because I am relentlessly snarky about him. I consistently like his suits and skinny ties, how's that? Remember some of his looks from season one? Looking back at Ryan and Brian Dunkleman is like remembering the heyday of Wham!

And Andrew Garcia is the first one voted off. Oh God, I'm afraid he's wearing a plaid flannel shirt and matching bow-tie. Who would even manufacture that? Sweatshop workers would even refuse.

Aaron and Casey are safe.

Now we're seeing footage of Elliott Yamin's trip to Africa with Kara DioGuardi as part of "Idol Gives Back," and I feel as though it would be wrong to mock the purple tube-top jumpsuit Kara elected to wear while tending to the poor. Giving back is good.

"Dim the lights, and here we go," says Ryan. (That's what she said.) Lee is having fun, he says -- really! Can Adam Lambert sing now?

Crystal and Siobhan are safe. Lee is safe!

Next week the contestants will sing "inspirational" songs, and Alicia Keys will be the mentor. Fingers crossed for "Eye of the Tiger."

Adam Lambert singing "Whaddya Want From Me," which is sort of a whiny title. Excellent laser lights show, and I liked the green sparkly earplugs.

Shocker! For me and my 6-year-old, at least. Katie Stevens is voted off, while Big Mike Lynche and Tim Urban have made it through to the final seven. Is it too late for her to make prom?

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Michael E. I can't believe you don't see Adam Lamberts talent, I thought he did an excellent mentoring. Adam should have won last year, a lot of people agree. I think Adam will be around for a long time to come, you watch.

Seeing Adam Lambert on last night's episode made me sad that this year's caliber of contestants doesn't seem even remotely near that of last year...but with that said, I think the results were pretty fair - Andrew has deserved to go for a while, and Katie was not going to win (if we're going to be honest with ourselves). I don't this week changes much up, with the big exception of Tim Urban...power rankings for this week:

I agree that there should not be a save. Michael should have gone home. Simon Cowell was referring to Katie as a young Leann Rimes. Michael has a voice and I keep on saying it is not his own. I feel he is trying to emulate Luther Vandross. Very old after a while.

The save should not be used.

I would bring Leann Rimes to be the mentor of the singers as she is a producer who helped her Father Wilbur Rimes producer Steve Holy #1 hit "Good Morning Beautiful" and a singer that knows hands on.

It was sad to see Adam Lambert give wrong advice to the singers and I would say his label end is coming. He will end up back on the musical round stage again soon. Shame. I am hoping Boy George's Amazing Grace comeback will show how singing talent shines first over looks. That is the difference.

Sad to see the promotion of who they invested into instead of what it is all about.

The music.

It's a joke how americans don't know the real thing when its right in front of them.Thats why you hear about the runners up and not the actual one who won the game.sheryl pickler wasn't even a runner up and she is doing better then the top ones.It goes to show..Americans need to open their ears. Canadians can sing more better and their more heard of then american singers are..american idol is getting to be a joke,its almost like they pay the winner even before it ends..

Oh Doris, pleeeeeaaaase. Katie went home because she was not the best. The girl is more concerned about looking/winking/turning up her lip into the camera than she was in growing herself as an artist. She has a good voice, but needs a few years under her belt to mature. Did anyone else notice a few weeks ago Ryan asked Crystal 'who are you going to listen to?' after the judges had given her conflicting criticism; Crystal replied with a profound 'myself'. The following week Ryan asked Katie the same question, she hesitated for a moment, then said 'me!' She seemed to be so happy with herself to have remembered Crystal's answer. The term copy-cat comes to mind. Doris, your statement about Mike is correct; that he should have been gone last week IS a joke... but its not a very funny one. Mike is talented, has MAJOR charisma and is quite humble - all great qualities for an 'American Idol'. Lets face it - if someone makes it into the top 10 - or 20 for that matter - you can safely consider them 'really good'. Oh, Michael will go home, but not for a few more weeks at least. I think it was a perfect use of the save... I think 'America' thought that he would've been safe because they expect(like I do)he will be around for a bit longer and they didnt HAVE to vote for him last week. It was a perfect use of a 'save' from the judges; dont 'shame' them - as my 2 yr old would say, I say to the judges... 'I so proud of you!'

Hey Dorris, shut your pie hole. Anyone with common sense knows Michael is a better singer and that the judges made the correct save last week. Katie is a piss poor singer who has survived way too long. She should not have made the final 24 let alone the top 7. Now Tim with his stupid helmet hair needs to go next, he is almost as overrated as Katie, but not quite.

I am happy they finally let the two of them go..Katie needs to get to her prom to sing and poor Andrew just doesnt have the consistency.This year, I couldn't listen to too many of them for long.

well, i thought that katie was improving.. she deserved to stay..

katie and andrew sucked...thats it

Geez Doris. Are you Katie's grandmother (all the shame on you stuff). I think Big Mike should have been saved last week. But my choices to leave this week would have been Andrew and Aaron. I thought Siobhan pretty much stunk up the stage last night too. Sorry to see Katie go, she had a good night last night. Maybe next year.

Katie? You have to be kidding! Katie, you have got it girl! You will have an amazing career. Looking forward to seeing you rise! Andrew, you have been fun to watch. I hope you have many blessings in your future career. Can't wait to see what you do!

I agree with Doris. The judges chose not to save the previous singers who scored low. What makes this guy any different. Gimme a break!!

The judges should have no veto (saving, whatever) power. Their job was done when they picked the final twelve.

Dancing With The Stars has become more appealiong to me these days .. they may be over-dramatic, but they're fair!

Thank GOD Katie is gone! Now kick all but Crystal and Lee to the curb because I have seen better singing by drunk people in the local bar. Crystal has true talent, Lee is good also. I'm sorry but you should not have to train someone to have talent. You have it or you don't. When Crystal and Lee sing they have what it takes, and for them seeming down and out? They actually sing from the soul and heart and are expressing what is deep within.

that duet was horrible, the judges should have been allowed to critique that mess and let all the 9 stay and dump those 2

Shame on you...It's because of you Katie went home. Mike should have been gone last week. What a joke. It's a shame you're allowed a save vote. It seems you are afraid to save it for when you really need it. Now someone really good has been vote out. SHAME ON RANDY, ELLEN, KARA AND SIMON. SHAME ON YOU...

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