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Vienna fails to impress the parents on 'The Bachelor'

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"The Bachelor" finale continued; just 20 minutes or so into the show tonight:

How NOT to impress your future inlaws:
Talk with your mouth full;
Tell your prospective mother-in-law that her son CAN be cute (instead of he IS cute);
Tell your prospective family-in-law that you come from a small town in Florida that's just a bunch of woods and dirt;
Ignore the white elephant in the room (namely the question on everyone's mind: "Why didn't you get along with the rest of the girls?")

How NOT to prepare your family to meet one of the two women you love:
Tell them she's the one that all the other girls didn't like;
Tell your mom that she didn't come here to make friends.
Tell your brothers that Vienna is not as mature as Tenley and that she has to grow up a little;

What you DON'T want to hear during the "meet the Bachelors' parents" phase from his sister-in-law:
"Won't YOU be surprised when he doesn't pick you."

And why is Jake's mom obsessed with the daughters-in-law getting along? (And yes, it's not daughter-in-laws, Sallie). Ah, she finally explains: "If the women don't get along, it can really cause division in the family."

What you don't want to hear from your future husband prospect:
"If Vienna doesn't get along with my family, that's a deal-breaker."

And why didnt' Vienna think that she needed a really good roots touchup/extension fix before meeting her prospective inlaws? Meeee-ow!

That's pretty much how it went on "Vienna meets the parents"

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