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'The Bachelor' finale final dates are on the money --- and heart-wrenching

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So here we are, Jake and his two lady loves will have one more chance for one-on-one bonding. To wit, Jake and Vienna spend the day at a spa mud pit and manage to make it one of the most unappealing moments in "Bachelor" date history. The day soon segued into a rendezvous at Vienna's "place" where she gifted Jake with her promise ring and endless babbling about pleasing her father and how her 3-week marriage was a big mistake and... then did Jake make a faux pas by saying "I can't believe this is our LAST date"? Hmmmm.

Jake and Tenley's date was the exact opposite: bright, sunny skies, chartered yacht, snorkeling in a gorgeous coral reef, sailing through a Caribbean sunset, and an almost silent Jake, who seems sun-stroked but insisted he was 'just tired.'

Then he dropped the bomb: Seems Jake doesn't think he and Tenley have that sizzling physical chemistry ("not the sexual chemistry" he insists) that he has with Vienna. Not exactly the words Tenley needed to hear. But she takes the high road: "I want someone who wants all of me."

Things weren't quite as awkward in the nighttime portion of their date, and Tenley sweetly gifted Jake with framed photos from their earlier dates.

So with 40 minutes left to go, just what's in store?

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My first full season of watching The Bachelor...and most likely my last...I don't hate Vienna. I'm sure she is perfect for some other guy...can you imagine her changing diapers?...

Jake is in love with the idea of being in love and will tire of Vienna soon enough.

Watched the Bachelorette last season for the first time too...couldn't care less to see Ally wine and cry and fret her way through a season...

OMG Jake I am a really fan of you, but right now you dissapoint me. I liked tenley she is the sweetes girl ever. you lost her, Vienna is not like that, i just hope that the choice you made is right.

OMG - he chose the slut!! He'll have to learn the hard way when he finds out what she's really like - when he's off flying the friendly skies, she won't be at home flying solo!! At least she got her roots done and new extensions for the After the Rose show. Jake you were a real disappointment - right up there with stupid Jason - hahaha!

you are a fool jake
she wants to be famous and could care less about you.
just you wait and i guarantee she will cheat on you and you will look like a fool

vienna is a slut

you are a fool jake
she wants to be famous and could care less about you.
just you wait and i guarantee she will cheat onbyou and you will look like a fool

Just another example of the "bitch" getting the man. Can't wait to hear the day when Vienna dumps Jake because the fun is over. Shame on you Jake for leading Tenley on.....She is the real catch and you are an idiot for letting her get away.


OMG - he lost his mind!!!!!!!!!

Omg.. Why did he choose Vienna? What a loser.

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