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Tears flow early on 'The Bachelor' finale

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What is it about Tenley that brings out tears in EVERYONE? Just 12 minutes into the show and the waterworks begin: First Tenley, then Jake's dad, then Jake's mom (trying to explain how the women in the family "hold it together" better than the men), then Tenley. Is it possible for Tenley to get through ANY answer to a question without breaking out the tears and that crackly cry-voice of hers?

So here we are on the finale, and WWJD? Seems Jake's family is quite smitten with the willowy Tenley. Is Jake equally enraptured?

And if Jake says he's fallen in love with two women one more time.....

And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.... the entire clan and Lady Tenley jump into the pool for some aquatic bonding time. Egads!

And instead of Tenley and Vienna visiting Jake's family in their natural habitat, the family has been flown out to St. Lucia! Gorgeous visuals run rampant.

Can't wait till the folks meet Vienna!

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Jake had the opportunity to choose from a wonderful group of WOMEN, what he did in the end was pick the two remaining girls and then choose one of them to be his 'wife'. Let's get a real guy on the show that's looking for a WOMAN not a girl. This girl Vienna was the worst in the lot of women he had to choose from, maybe now we know why he's had such bad luck in the past and continues to make the same bad choices. This show is a joke. I won't be watching again.

i think jake made a really bad mistake by choseing vienna she looks and move like a really trash can, she seems so unreal and fake she's just in this for the game. am so sorry for tenley she's such a good heart person. well i hope she finds that true guy sometime and wish her well in the future . jake you're a big ass u know? u gonna regret your dission i bet u.

Jake your are blinde and a idiot. I have never commented or been so upset about a show in my life till now. I am standing up for that girl. If you really truely wanted to have a successful marriage then you would have not let her go because this girl is marriage material 110% more than the other girl. And no wonder why there has only been one successful couple on that show!!! I know 100% that they will get divorced. I put my life on it. I feel so bad for his mother and father because that was a perfect fit for them and would have made them happy also done what they asked for! It's your loss Jake not tinleys!!!! I hope she finds happiness and get married and has wonderful children grow up to be like her! We need more women like her to lower the divorce rate in this country and less idiots like Jake.

That guy Jake should be committed...Vienna over Tendley...give me a break..she is a classless piece of trash.

I will not watch bachelor or bachlorette ever again, because they always pick the wrong person. The only couple that got it right were the ones who got married on t.v. and had a baby. The fireman was a great guy. She did good. She was smart.

I will not watch next season, cause I'm tired of being disappointed in their choices.

I can't believe he chose that fake classless piece of trailer park trash. He'll regret it. That's for sure. I thought Jake had more class than that. I guess he's like every other man the pole dancing slut gets the goods. God help their children!

OH mY Goodness! Jake--What are you thinking????????
Tenley is beautiful and so sweet. You should have used the head your hat sits on. One very dissapointed Bachlor not so much a fan of Jakes anymore-Jean

I would cry for Jake if he chose Vienna over Tenley. Tenley is real, has class and will be a forever wife. Sorry, but Vienna is just a sexual thing and not the real deal. She will be a big mistake for Jake if he chooses her. That marriage will not be a good one and won't last. Once she has him, Vienna will rule with Daddy right behind her. Tenley will be his wife, a part of the family and a great wife! If he picks Vienna, I will not admire him anymore. Tenley is the one - open your eyes Jake -Tenley is great and Vienna can't hold a candle to Tenley!

I feel that Vienna is really a phoney and is really Daddy's girl! I lived in that area of Florida and it's so not Jake! Temley is the real deal- Viennna is a nut and is about 'winning Jake" vs having something real!I was shocked he sent Gia away & picked her. I hope Gia's the next bachelorette. And I hope he picks Tenley, if he picks Vienna, he'll be divorced in short order-if he picks Tenley it will be forever! : ) I am worried he's caught up in the sexual attraction and not the substance. Tenley is about substance and is a better match for Jake and a way better fit for the family. Is it just me? How do others feel? Who do you think he'll pick?

After watching this "Vienna" episode i'm reminded why i haven't watched a single episode prior. Is it that hard to cast intelligent women? actually, i've heard it is...

I know that the show seems fake but I have learned a lot about relationships by watching this show. Jake is a stand up guy and I think we all could learn a thing or two from him.

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