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Quotables abound on first night of 'Dancing with the Stars competition

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The quotables poured forth like good red wine on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" premiere, so much so that I just had to reminisce:

Erin Andrews to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, upon meeting him for the first time: " I asked for Tony [Dovolani]."

Buzz Aldrin, describing his thoughts upon meeting his partner Ashley Costa for the first time: "This is a really cute babe."

Nicole ("Pussycat Doll") Scherzinger describing her amazement at the difference between her style of dancing and ballroom dance: "It's a far cry from chest pumps and booty dips."

Host Tom Bergeron, waxing poetically about Edyta's, fringe-festooned costume, or, uhm, the usual lack of fabric: "We're one gust of wind away from an FCC fine."

Len Goodman to Aiden Turner who pretty much stood around while Edyta danced around him: "You were just standing their shaking your wobbly bits." (Oh those wacky Brits!)

Tom Bergeron to judge Len Goodman, following the head judge's harsh criticism of Buzz Aldrin's cha cha: "How's that British space program?"

Bruno Tonioli to Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani after their less-than perfect Viennese waltz: "It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around out there."

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You forgot to add Bruno's remark to Jake about the need to "keep his legs together. You look like you're on a horse."

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