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Judges' scores on 'Dancing with the Stars' are just plain huh?

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After viewing Nicole Scherzinger and partner Derek Hough huff and puff their way through a funky jive, I think that "Dancing with the Stars" should seriously consider providing their judging panel with a tiny monitor to review the performances before they reveal their scores. I have no idea why Nicole Scherzinger's jive warranted two perfect '10s' considering she had a few missteps and seemed to be a bit flatfooted in a few other places during the lively routine. Or so it seemed from my TV vantage point.

That she is a great dancer is not the issue (she is); that judges are constantly missing some critical footwork gaffes is getting on my nerves. The judges have only one vantage point (as they do in professional competitions), and maybe the time has come to rely on instant replay.

And how could Carrie Ann tell Aiden that last week he "was trying too hard" considering the soap star hardly danced at ALL while his partner Edyta danced around him? Maybe the judges need to review highlights of the previous week's show prior to air time to give them just a little reminder of what transpired?

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Kate Gosslein proved herself to be the talentless shrew we all know she is. If she played the temperamental diva she did on DWTS its no wonder she is divorced. She lacks any skills or talents for dancing so she ought to go back and raise her kids. What makes this woman think she is star quality and needs to make millions on television? Other than having decent looks, which many housewives her age have, she has no real talent to speak of. She ought to go out and get a real job somewhere.

no matter where u look at it, she has an unfair advantage! tha'ts y i dont find her amazing or spectacular! its expected of her being from PCD!

I concur wholeheartedly! There was a lot of leg flailing, but very little actual jive. It seemed like Derek had choreography made up for somebody who can't move her feet quickly. Perfect 10's? I think not. The 8 was reasonable though, for sure.

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