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Jake chooses Vienna on 'The Bachelor' finale

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jakevienna.jpgAfter weeks of confusion and telling everyone who will listen that he was in love with two women, Jake chose the fiery Vienna for his bride-to-be, after one of the most gut-wrenching farewells in "Bachelor" history. Jake broke Tenley's heart, but at least he was honest enough to tell her that there was just something missing. Better now than later, right?

Tenley acted graciously, or as graciously as she could, thanking Jake for making her feel special.

And then there was the proposal to Vienna, the woman of Jake's dreams. To each his own, right?

Our other reports from tonight's big finale chronicled the early tears, the botched parental visit with Vienna and the heart-wrenching final dates.

Say, whatever happened to all the other "Bachelors" and "Bachelorettes"?

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Who cares? There are people who are hurting due to illness, unemployment, and everything going wrong in this country, and there should be a show about depression, anxiety and how to deal with it, inead of this silly crap about making out with a bunch of losers for entertainment. What junk

Jillian rejected Jake for being "too perfect" and then he rejected Tenley for the same reason. How come I never meet guys who are so perfect I have to search for a flaw?

The only reason Vienna was treated harshly by some of the others girls in the house was because Vienna was his first "one on one date" and they hit it off and all of the other girls knew it, especially Allie. Allie was the real crap disturber in the house. She turned the house bimbos against Vienna.

Tenley was how the other girls described her - "a Disney character" - she was sweet and beautiful but if you don't have chemistry you just don't have chemistry. Vienna and Jake always had chemistry and everyone knew it. Every time she kissed Jake you could see nothing there.

Allie played to become the next "Bachelorette." She was always fake in my opinion. The next season of "Bachelorette" will expose her for who she really is...FAKE as a fake can be. She only left because she knew that she was going to lose to Vienna and she couldn't handle it.

Vienna and Jake have the chemistry to make a marriage last.

I will say this, I would have chosen Tinley, because she looks like a girl I can connect with and actually have a long-term relationship with (you know, one that actually means something). Sadly, I think this idiot was thinking with something else and not his head, and the choices you make when you think like that are always mistakes. Personally, I think he made a big mistake. I think Tinley deserves a better guy and should move on quickly, 'cause this guy is not worth sitting on the couch and crying over.

He complained about how nice guys never win and then he gives the nice girl the boot. Idiot.

Thank goodness. I felt that this was the right choice. Vienna fit in so well with his family and that is important.

Uhm let's see if he stays with her or runs to allie. He could be another one that is just like the last one.

This was the only episode that I watched the whole season and I wished he would have picked Tinley. But if there is no spark there then I guess it wouldn't have worked... She was just such a sweet girl.


I think its total bs that he choose a stuiped self center women like vienna !! she just a person that thinks that the world is centered around her !!

no freakin comment

i am sooooooooooo disappointed that he chose Vienna. how could he say that tenley is "perfect" and then choose someone is just along for the glitz and glam and the lifestyle....jake i really believe that u made the biggest mistake of your life!!!!

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