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Gosselin has visions of Tony Dovolani dancing in her head

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Kate Gosselin is blogging ( her stint on "Dancing with the Stars" for TLC (surprise!). In her entry today, she confesses that her dancing has become all life-consuming, so much so that she's even dreaming about pro partner Tony Dovolani and his dance routines. The celebrity mom just turned 35 on Sunday, and by all reports she was in La-La land ensconced in rehearsals for tonight's competition. She'll need every minute of rehearsal time if she wants to overcome her less-than spectacular debut last week (she scored a mere 16 points, coming in third to last ahead of "AMC's" Aiden Turner and astronaut Buzz Aldrin). Already the buzz has her departing the show tomorrow night. Ouch!

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I think that those of you who are attacking Kate should just fade away. You have no idea what was going on in that house during filming. So keep your opinions to yourself. as far as Jon, take a looka at what he has done since the divorce. Gone from one girl to another and freeloading while Kate is home with the children. Until recently she has been doing nothing to bring her into the media. I think it is a shame that you people think it is so nice to call people names and belittle them. Before you do this take a look at yourselves.

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