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'Dancing with the Stars' season ten off and running

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So it's a mere 40 minutes into season 10 of "Dancing with the Stars" and already I'm shaking my head. Not at the lineup. But at some of the changes in the way the show is played out.

For starters, what's with the "dumbing down" of the judges' scoring? Do we really need the video chart blasting out their names and their scores and, ta-da.... the total? And if someone thought it was a good idea, perhaps a different format that doesn't look so cheesy might be more appropriate? Note to ABC: It really doesn't make the scoring any more cool.

My biggest pet peeve already is the new "celebriquarium" otherewise known as the new front-of-house "backstage" where the rest of the pack waits and watches as the competitors dance below. They just stand there in a line at the back of the house, then turn in unison to face the camera and the couple that has just danced as they go about their banter with new co-host Brooke Burke. Again, who thought this was a good idea? Maybe it will grow on me yet.


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okay, Pam anderson made the show.....lets be honest. poor kate, she was terrible and I so wanted her to kick ass...............thank god for pamela!!!! THe new host, brooke burke, so flat and boring......i don't know if Pam goes than I am too bored to watch.

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