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'Dancing with the Stars' scoring system needs some work

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Tonight's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" proved one thing: The judges need some serious retooling of how they judge. There's no way that Kate Gosselin's dismal attempt at a jive (filled with missteps and forgotten steps and terrible arm positions) warranted the same "5s" that the judges only moments earlier awarded to Chad Ochocinco for his more than passable fox trot. What gives?

I think that if the judges are going to continue to score people and then have that score rank each couple's standings on the leaderboard, then they --- Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli--- need to keep in mind how their scores at the moment relate to the scores they've already doled out. This isn't rocket science. An "8" should be an "8" and reflect an "8" performance; a "5" should reflect a "5" performance, and so forth.

There also was way too much drama tonight in the form of constant bickering and tears and whining among the couples during rehearsal week. While it was funny at times, it also was a downer. As Gosselin pointed out (she and Tony Dovolani had perhaps the worst falling out), it was 30 seconds out of a week's worth of footage. Get over it.

There really was no "wow" moment tonight, which has never been the case in the show. There's always one couple that really, REALLY makes a statement. Again, maybe it was all the bickering that interrupted whatever momentum the show had going for it.

The most perplexing comment of the night came at the onset of the show when host Tom Bergeron blurted out that had the first elimination occurred after last week's performances, it would have been an "upset" of a departure. Since Buzz Aldrin earned last week's lowest score from the judges, and the Internet was buzzing all week with speculation that Gosselin was perhaps done for, could it be that someone ELSE was headed for the door? And just who was that, Tom? If the comment was made, then the scoring (including viewers' votes) should have been revealed. The tease was rather juvenile.

Gotta hand it to Bergeron, though, for the evening's most provocative and decidedly awkward comment. Just after Pamela Anderson finished channeling Marilyn Monroe for her upbeat fox trot, the host quipped, "I don't know what [the judges] have to say, but a busload of Kennedys just pulled up."

Too much weird stuff going on tonight. Tomorrow's elimination could be a stunner. I'm banking on Gosselin hanging up her dancing shoes.

Stay tuned.

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The scoring system does not work and I think that they should show the results of the viewers counting. There is no way that winny Kate should still be on the show and I think everybody is tired of her excuses and her victim playing. I could care less about her personal life she is so full of herself. She creeps me out.

Kate wasn't dancing, she was stumbling around stiffly mouthing the routine and leaning on Tony to haul her heavy butt around. Nothing worked, not the hair, not the dress, not the make up, not the routine. Poor Tony, he is such a nice guy, too nice getting stuck with the likes of that no talent.

I totally agree with Jen -- Kate was the worst and Tony is a saint. Buzz did a graceful dance tonight. If they are going to judge the older contestants like they did Buzz tonight, they should not put them on the show. He is an amazing person and deserved a lot better than what Bruno had to say. It is mean and condescending to these contestants who have taken time out of their lives to help the ratings of the show. Also, the bickering between all the couples this season is already ridiculous....if that keeps up this show will be off the air after this season. It used to have some class.

I agree with you. The judges are not consistent with the number they hold up and what it means. Some needed to earn a 5 total tonight! Kate isn't the worse dancer but really struggles to relax and enjoy the dance. Buzz needs to go!

I totally agree that there was too much drama tonight. This is
supposed to be an evening of light-hearted entertainment..the worst
was Kate Gosselin once again showing her true colors...I hope she
is gone soon.

I believe that Kate's dance tonight was the worst "performance" I've seen on any season of "Dancing". I think it should have scored a 3 or lower. The judging definitely needs to be rethought. She completely forgot a painfully long portion of the dance & desperately needed Tony to lead her through the motions.

I totally agree! Kate gets 5's for what amounted to what looked like a first-day rehearsal, while Buzz, albeit slower, was technically very good and graceful and only received 4's. She needs to go...she doesn't look like she's put any real effort into this. This seems to me to be just a grab at some more ill-gotten fame and a paycheck. Vote for Buzz, who knows what a hard day's work looks like and has fun with this program!

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