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Body language expert says Jake and Vienna won't last

| 15 Comments | No TrackBacks is quoting a noted body language expert as saying that "The Bachelor" coosome twosome ---that's Jake and Vienna--- won't make it down the aisle.

Here's an excerpt:

"So does Vienna have Jake's best intentions at heart, or was she just in it to win it? Sanjay Burman, Body Language Expert and Author of Reading People: A Master Hypno-therapist's Guide to Understanding People, tells Hollyscoop exclusively that Jake is so infatuated with Vienna physically that he's unable to see through her mixed messages. Here's what Sanjay had to say:

....."Last night's "Bachelor Finale" was riddled with mixed messages and Jake is clearly not able to think beyond his physical infatuation for Vienna to see through these messages! There is peak physical attraction between the Vienna and Jake shown by the fact that they meet halfway when leaning in to kiss each other and both linger there comfortably while kissing, as opposed to how Tinley had to lean all the way in to Jake to kiss him.

....."Furthermore, Jake is embarrassed by the things Vienna says to the family shown by the way he looks down in her direction but not directly at her. But, again, Jake lets his physical attraction override all of these signs. When they embrace at the end it is clear that they are physically infatuated and want nothing more than to be together sexually at that moment. I would predict that this would last no more than 2 years if Jake actually marries her and if Vienna is able to hide her true colors much longer!"

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I am not agree with this ... what you say body language expert

I didn't think Vienna seemed dumb at all. The ones who seem dumb to me, are the viewers that are so easily influenced by the losers on the show. The reason they all hated Vienna is because she was getting the most attention from Jake.
Tinley acts like a 9 year old. Who can get in to that except a pedophile. She couldn't even talk about her ex without crying. Her voice was annoying. Ali was a trouble maker. Did everybody hate her as well ?
You so called experts should know that attraction starts with the physical.

Vienna is more masculine than Jake.... yikes !

It would be interesting to find out how many times the word "amazing" is used in a single season of the show. It is so "amazing" it makes me know. :)

I too was dissapointed that the "nice guy always ends up last" didn't appreciate nice girls, and went for fake. I am dissapointed too, that many men (including mine) want us to be wild fake and blonde. I can't look loke a bimbo forever and can;t men think with anything but their you know whats? Truw love comes from being a team, loyalty and appreciation like TInley said. But men gotta have thta mysterious passion, thought he was more mature. If she is so kind, why didn;t we see it? Do guys like them young and dumb? I did not see evidence of much from her actions and or speech. She said Tinley didn;t have opinions or personality, does Vienna. we are all so disgusted. We didn;t act like that when we were young, maybe her Daddy didn't raise her right...

"...hide her true colors anymore!"

BullSh't. this wasn't a professional making this observation. This was some hater who thinks they have the right to look down on this very young girl and decide the outcome.

Most Bachelor shows end up with no happy ending but if these 2 don't make it, the haters will blow it out of proportion.

People who come on line to attack Vienna are lacking something in themselves, finding the need to denounce her and ostracize her to make themselves feel superior.

They are in love at the moment, leave them alone, let them enjoy it.

this body language expert is biased. cnt take anything he says as the truth... "and if Vienna is able to hide her true colors much longer!" really? everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if ur such an expert on body language and human emotions y r u so biased and judgemental? i dont think anyone's gonna be coming for a consultation at this "expert's" office in a very long time.

I think everybody is just jealous, leave them both alone they are a cute couple and I wish them all the luck as time will tell. I also think Tinley is in fact boring, besides she had her chance and blew it and can again with Jake; she needs to get over her ex-husband first. Vienna had her chance too but was young and immature. She still is immature but soon will learn that life is not just about sex; we'll see how long the lust lasts but if it all lasts then that is wonderful

Ya, doubt it will last!

I wish the lovebirds lots of happiness and hope they prove the naysayers wrong. I think they have found their soulmate in each other.

I think the show has gone to the dogs. It seemed to be scripted this year. I could not believe that this guy Jake chose an ex hooter girl with fake hooters and bottle blonde hair, not to mention the nasty tattoos on her out of shape body. He was only looking for a role in the hay. He had a chance with a young bimbo and he took it. He has a lot of growing up to do. In ten years, Jake will be hitting midlife and he be after the twenty somethings. I bet his buddies are getting a good laugh. Maybe not, Vienna may be giving sausage a new name!

Adding a PS.

Vienna was wearing a dress last night that could be hiding a baby bump. God, I hope not.

Also ... when Jake and his pilot buddies get together ... Vienna will be flirting with all of them.

If my son brought her home, I'd have a good talking to him. Would suggest strongly that he get rid of her before she ruins his life.

I believe that the body language exhibited by Jake this morning on Live with Regis & Kelly was very revealing. He had his whole body directed away from her and only reached for her twice. Vienna on the other hand, was leaning towards him the whole time, and grasped his hand fully both times that he reached for her. I don't think this union will last very long.

Easy to fall in love in exotic places, covering one another with mud, etc.

Wait till she has to wash a toilet or the baby spits up her.

She's a spoiled brat/bimbo. Thanks to daddy.

Jake isn't thinking past her breast implants.

She's a little chunky for a 23 year old ... in five years, she will be frumpy with 2 inches of dark roots.

Never trust anyone who smiles showing top and bottom teeth. I hate her.

Tenly ... the lessor of the two evils, but too good to be true. Doesn't she ever get mad ?

Happy for Jason and Molly. Can't wait to see the wedding Mar. 8th.

Tinley is sooo boring! Life is dull with Tinley. At least with Vienna, life is fun. I think Jake & Tinley will be successful together.

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