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State of the Island

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What, is Ben Linus on a no-watch list or something?

The White House is currently dithering over when to schedule the State of the Union address. They can't decide between Jan. 26 and Feb. 2. But here's the thing: Feb. 2 is the scheduled premiere of the final season of "Lost."

That would mean (facial tic) pre-empting (slight spasm) maybe even delaying (on the floor, convulsing) the show's eagerly awaited kick-off. TV Guide says if President Obama speaks on Feb. 2, ABC might push the start of "Lost" ahead a week to Feb. 9.

In a pure lesson of politics and not pleasing everyone: If Obama picks Jan. 26, he'll have another TV audience up in arms. That'll interrupt "American Idol."

Fellow Losties, join the protest: there's already a #NoStateofUnionFeb2 hash tag on Twitter. The Facebook group "Americans Against the State of the Union on the Same Night as LOST" also notes that Obama already bumped "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in some markets for his Afghanistan speech.

Which world is more important to you on Feb. 2: the real world or the island?

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I think we have the first three commenters to thank for succinctly describing the current state of the Union.

I swear Obama has been on the screen more than any other president even Ronald Regan who was a movie actor. Lately there hasn't been a week where there wasn't some intteruption.

THe island is a real dream. Where can you find such a nonpartisan group working toward the goal of saving all mankind? I mean the blogsites and ARG's transcind every continent and social-ethnic group. The so called geeks openly discuss and exchange views on religion, philosophy, physics and all agree to disagree. If the real world could only get along and work together so well.

How many shows today encourage people to go back to school (Lost University) to take Korean, physics etc? Every little item shown on tv or even referenced by name or shown as artwork is researched and broad backgrounds bring together such detailed analysis and interworkings.

Most TV shows, games and websites only encourage mindless reading. This show gives its fan a tropical island with healing powers and a HOPE that all man can come together to work in harmony. Now thats a State of the Island address. It takes characters with very dark and shady backgrounds a chance at redemption and a purpose bigger than themselves.

No one is anti-president or think a show is more important but since politics is all about timing and spin, this is one is akin to scheduling it on the Super Bowl Sunday which we all know he wouldn't have the guts to do. So we all hope he will have the kindness to let us have our island to retreat to amind the chaos we have around us.

I would rather live in the fantasy world of Lost than in this hellish reality that GWB created & Obama perpetuates & heaps misery on. At least Lost's bull$hit is entertaining -- Obama's is not.

I am so glad I opened this article,,, I needed a good laugh today.

I firmly believe that if the State of the Union preempts Lost that there could be a geek revolution.

I understand the importance of the State of the Union, I really do. One side stands up and says this is the way the country is going to be fixed, and the other side sits there and looks angry. But, LOST fans have been waiting for 8 months for this...and the SOTU is on like 50 other channels. ABC, you'd get higher ratings for showing LOST. I promise you that.

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