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Emotions run high on 'Dancing with the Stars' results show

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It was perhaps the most emotional night in the history of "Dancing with the Stars." And in the end Aaron Carter went home. But what a night it was.

Where to begin? How 'bout with the triumphant return of Sabrina Bryan and her former pro partner Mark Ballas, paired for the "Stars of Dance" performance. What an incredible paso doble, and how marvelous to see the two of them light up the dance floor like nobody's business.

Peppered in between was the slow elimination process, that soon found Mya and Joanna Krupa headed toward the semi-finals next week. There they stood, Donny Osmond, Aaron Carter and Kelly Osbourne fighting for their dancing lives, and the two remaining slots in the semi-finals.

But the emotions grew as Michael Buble turned in a stylish performance with his hit single "Haven't Met You Yet" (and later he returned for his signature smokin' rendition of "I'm Feelin' Good" made even hotter by the dance routine of two pro dancers... I must get their names!! Yowza what a combination of Buble and dancing!).

Then it was on to Susan Boyle, who sparkled both in couture and voice on what's become her signature tune, "I Dreamed a Dream." It was not the bombastic, go-for-broke, positively enchanting version she wowed the world with on "Britain's Got Talent," (thanks to a smart blogger out there for correcting me!) but it worked. It did show how much Boyle has adapted to the music biz; she's a bit more polished in presentation and tone, a bit more reserved; that can be both good and bad. Or maybe it was just nerves. Here's hoping she isn't get lost in the hype of Hollywood and superstardom. Of course, the accompanying dance routine by Tony Dovolani and Chelsie Hightower was just gorgeous, powerful and provocative. Bravo!

Then just when emotions couldn't get any higher, it came down to the final two, Aaron and Kelly, standing in those red lights and listening to the spooky "elimination" music. In the end it was Aaron that was sent packing, much to the shock of many in the ballroom and especially the judges. Carrie Ann Inaba couldn't even applaud Kelly's good fortune (though I don't think she was ready to see Kelly leave either), and for the first time judge Len Goodman asked to say a few words.

It was those words to Carter, most notably the passage that went something along the lines of: "If you were my son I would be so proud of you. But more important, you be proud of yourself, because you've been great." Carter, completely shocked and overcome with emotion almost lost his footing (and his composure) as he stepped over to shake Goodman's hand.

There were very few dry eyes in the house!

Of course, the best and most lighthearted moments came courtesy of Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman with their "Dance Center" analysis of the competitors. This stuff is priceless! The show could use more bits like this to keep it interesting and amp up the fun quotient.

So the finals will find Osmond, Osbourne, Krupa and Mya competing for the mirrorball trophy. Alas, I'm thinking Osbourne will most likely be the next to go, unless Krupa really screws up next week during competition (like she did last night in her ballroom dance). Donny and Mya will most likely make it to the finals, folks; Mya because she really can dance, and Donny because he has the biggest fan base on the show.

Stay tuned.

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Mario, Lil Kim, and now the best ever Mya has been screwed out of what was obviously theirs. Real champions not deemed the rightful winner of Dancing With the Stars; sort of like re-electing George W. Bush. How racist, how ignorant, how wrong of America or either this rigged show. I predicted this would happen three weeks ago once I saw just out-right animosity from some of the other contestants, and unfair scoring that continued to occur from the past and this season. Another show off my list.

Ashley Hamilton . My favorite Goof Ball. I was Ashley's Private Tutor at OJAI Valley School. It's a good thing he is so go looking He is still getting away with murderp . Imagine Sub contracting out all your home work to your tutor (well at least he has some street smarts. Thanks for the Laughs ASH . Mitch now in Sonoma

The only issue was Aaron was a total brat and the audience (including myself) hated him for being so cocky. Kelly is a crybaby though no qualms about that.

I agree that Sabrina and Mark were truly amazing. I love to watch them dance - so fierce, so much passion. Best of the season for sure.

I cannot believe they sent Aaron home and kept Cry Baby Kelly on . I cannot stand her .. Argh... I cried when they said Aaron over her to go home. Aaron is the best dancer on the show this season !! From Day 1 !! I am pissed off.

I cannot believe they sent Aaron home and kept that Big Fat Cry Baby Kelly on . I cannot stand her .. Argh... Her Legs look like Thunder legs. What a fat ugly pig she is. She never does any lifts except the ones she jumps up herself no guy can lift her fat ass.. LMAO. I cried when they said Aaron over her to go home. Aaron is the best dancer on the show this season !! From Day 1 !! I am pissed off.

why did aaron get eliminated!!!! kelly is not even good!

Sabrina Bryan really did amazing job with this dance how miss her on the show. I loved it!!

The best Paso Doble to ever hit DWTS. Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas should go pro together. So proud that Sarbina Bryan was chosen as the celeb. We need an All-Star season to have her back. Sabrina and Mark have alot chemistry for there dances. Mark Ballas should get emmy nominated for this performance. He's best performance to date and no one has brought the fire like Sabrina brings out in him.

Just to advise you, Susan Boyle was not on "American Idol." She was on "Britain's got Talent."

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARON was the best, and its sad because he works the hardest...he was the youngest on the show and people still see him as a kid that screwed up and had a reputation. he's 21 and hes learning. i wanted kelly to go. she cant dance and her partner always drags her along the routines and she loses character all the time. man o man. i loved watching karina and aaron they were the best. i guess im routing for

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