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'Dancing with the Stars' finals nets smallest viewing audience

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To no one's surprise (especially mine), "Dancing with the Stars" has lost some of its lustre. The ratings were not as strong this season and ABC might want to seriousy rethink its celebrity lineups and how it packages the show, especially the intolerable results shows, which have become a musical variety hour each week.

According to Associated Press, an estimated 19.2 million people watched Donny Osmond win "Dancing With the Stars" -- the smallest audience for the show's finale since the first season.

This was the ninth edition of the contest, one of television's most popular shows. The Nielsen Co. says ratings have been down all season for the show, an indication that viewers weren't as attached to the contestants as they had in the past.

Osmond said the show has been a highlight in a career of ups and downs. He competed during the show's finale Tuesday against singer Mya and Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rock star Ozzy Osbourne. AP

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I could see it coming, but wouldn't let myself think that Mya would be cheated so openly. Donny should have been voted out weeks ago.
What's the point in looking at the show if its fixed. Were they trying to have at least one (1) osmond win?

This was the last Dancing with Stars I watched. It was like 2000 election in US - fake results. Donny Osmond - he should have been voted off long time ago. Judges clearly voted with their wallets open in the last 2 episodes. SHAME.

Donnie Osmond should be embarresed to have won Danding With The Stars! He didn't have the best scores the whole series. Mya had the best scores and was the best dancer. Kelly also was a much better dancer than Donnie. Donnie was an entertainer and that's what he gets paid to do. He's NOT a dancer. I love to watch Dancing, but will probably not watch the next season of it - very disappointing!

If it was just about dancing, Mya should have won. Donny was very good and Kelly was a fan favorite. Donny was more entertaining than Mya but Mya was more technical and performed more difficult moves.

The judges gave Donny 3 tens so he is deserving. I would have been happy to see any one of the three win. I was rooting for Kelly because she has opened up and been the most emotionally vulnerable. Something about her really got to me. She is also beautiful in a 1920's kind of way.

Too bad there can be only one winner. In my book, they all won!

i live in Samoa all the way @ the south pacific region. and our whole island love watching dancing witht he stars. but i must say that i had my $$$ on Jhoanna, Kelly and Mya to be in the finals. we all know Donny is a pro in performing including dancing. but why not give the chance to those who rarely experience that. so hopefully next time the line up will be more exciting for us here to watch than this episode 9.

I totally agree that Donny Osmond should have been voted off weeks ago. He probably had all of his friends and relatives in Utah voting for him. You know they make big families there.
Kelly was a sweetheart and did grow immensely, but the best dancer was Mya. She should have won.
I do have little interest anymore as well. The only people I knew were Donny Osmond, (a has been) and Kelly Osborne. The rest were strangers to me.
Hugh Laurie would be a good one for the show.
I don't like that female judge.

I enjoyed the show immensely - loved Whitney and was happy that Donny Osmond won. What is your problem????

I am so disappointed! Donnie should have been voted off weeks ago. Throughout the season he became so annoying. Every dance he did looked the same. He only has one style. He preformed - he sis not dance! I can understand why the finals was the lowest for viewers - the final should have been Mya - Joanna - and Kelly they grew as dancers. I am probably done with watching Dancing and I know many others will be too.

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