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'Dancing with the Stars' finalists revealed

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It came down to Joanna Krupa and Kelly Osbourne, and when the creepy elimination music stopped, it was Ozzie's little girl Kelly who will continue on to the finals next week on "Dancing with the Stars." Osbourne joins the previously revealed Mya and Donny Osmond in the quest for the mirrorball trophy.

Again, it's the popularity contest syndrome that plagues many a reality show, because there's no way Donny danced better than Joanna all season. And while I have cheered on Kelly all season, she too did not dance as well as Joanna most weeks. Which is not to say that I was championing Joanna, either. I was just pretty sure that the finals would have included Kelly, Joanna and Mya, given Donny's crummy performances on Monday night. But viewers' votes trumped all reason and all reality.

It's pretty clear Mya should walk away with the whole shebang next week, unless Osmond's fans REALLY pull an upset. He is a very good entertainer, but he is not a dancer in the same league as Mya, or even for that matter Kelly, who has simply gotten better each week. But the voting all season long has been all over the map, so even a seemingly sure thing like Mya winning it all is anybody's guess at this point.

So there you have it. The trophy is completely up for grabs next week, and don't be surprised if there's a stunning upset when the confetti settles.

P.S. And a really big shout-out to my co-worker Chris W. who called it (tonight's results) early this afternoon!!

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1 Comment

May the best man or woman win. My vote goes 2 Mya and Demitry!!! but the last 4 couples were outstanding as well....2009 Season was wonderful....

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