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Could Donny Osmond be the next celeb to exit 'Dancing' ballroom?

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So it took me oh, 14 hours or so to get over Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars" Donny Osmond HIGHlarity! I couldn't help but guffaw out loud at Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba's totally genuine reactions/laughter following Osmond's 80s' inspired passo. The darling pop star received average votes from the judges who seem just a wee bit anxious to have him exit the ballroom. No matter how they couch it, they're just not as enchanted by Osmond's antics anymore. You can see it on their faces. Have you noticed all they ever say is how "entertaining" he is? Okay, but this is not "Entertaining with the Stars."

Are the judges right? We're headed to the semi-finals folks, and frankly, there wasn't much about last night save for Derek and Joanna's marvy futuristic paso doble (and Mya's killer 70s routine) that screamed out: "I'm a semi-finalist!"

Donny may have a super-huge fan base, but will it be enough to keep him around? Even if the other dancers are better? That's how it goes on "DWTS." When it comes down to the semi-finals, it's the better dancers that often pay the price for fan bases. Is Donny dancing as well as Mya? Not really. Is Kelly dancing as well as Mya. Nope. Is Joanna dancing better than Donny? Yep. Is Aaron dancing better than Donny? Uh-huh. Was Kelly's eye-shadow better than Donny's. Yes! Confused? Me too.

If I had to predict tonight's departure, I would say it's a toss-up between Donny and Kelly Osbourne, with Donny getting a slight edge based on his goofy performance last night. But does Kelly have a strong enough following to edge him out? It's anybody's guess. I will be positively stunned if Aaron is sent packing. He has come so far over the past few weeks and is dancing beyond anything I could have imagined at the onset of the season. But he may the sacrificial fan-base lamb.

Of special note: hot, hot Michael Buble and darling of the world Susan Boyle are on the docket for tonight's guest star spots. Should be a very, very exciting evening of song.

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I agree with many of these posts, but Donny arrogant? Wow. He's anything but. He's down to earth, humble, and works his tail off. He's off because he's dancing with a broken foot, he also had the flu, and in between going from Vegas to LA, goes to Utah, as well. The guy is just exhausted! That said, his Adan Ant stint didn't go well for him. The dancing was good but the getup was distracting. His dancing at the semi finals was excellent despite the dress fiasco, and I feel that the judges are way more sympathetic to Kelly. Also, agree, Joanna is a stuck up, boring person and I was glad to see her go. Aaron did come a long way but he seemed like a spoiled brat and people saw through that.
Carrie Ann I don't think is being very fair to Donny. He has deserved a few 10s along the way and she refuses to give them to him. I think she has a personal dislike for him. It shows.
I am glad Mya, Kelly and Donny are finalists. I think Donny should win it because a)Mya is just boring, b)Kelly is adorable but just not that good, c)He's the underdog and a very good dancer. That said, I will bet he messes up on purpose just so that he and Marie are tied. I don't think he really wants to beat his sister. He is launching his new CD and I think he's hoping to focus on that. I predict the winner will be Kelly.

Someone needs to advise Donny to read the book "The Art of Possibility" by the Zanders -- in it is a chapter concerning Rule 6, which deals with getting a handle on your importance in the structure of things around you...

If Donny wasn't so arrogant, he would be easier to watch and maybe he would actually have some skills that we could see. His smug, overbearing, "look at me world" attitude on the dance floor blinds us from seeing what he is attempting to present.

He appears to be trapped in a world back when Donny and Marie meant something outside Utah. Sad to watch.

Well, I just finished the show, & Aaron went home. Pooh! 1st of all, he's technically one of the best, & 2ndly, he has the strongest work ethic. That dedication should count for a's contestants like him who make this show legit. Joanna, on the other hand, is just plain weak. She has a stiffness & awkwardness that just screams, 'Send me home'. I don't get the judges favortism towards her-especially ignoring all of that running around. ughh. Maya should be blowing everybody away-week after week-& I'm sorry, but she's boring. I understand that she can't help weak choreography, but she gives me the impression that she doesn't care about the show, doesn't work hard, & thinks she's got it in the bag. I'm ready for her to leave. Yes, Kelly's cute & a good dancer, but why is she still there? Now Donny, is just plain good. He & his partner look like they've been dancing together for years. Yes, he benefits from really good choreography, but he moves across the dance floor really well. I'm sorry this post is so long, but I needed to vent. The final 3 should've been Donny, Aaron, & maybe Maya. By Aaron, we're gonna miss your spark.

You deserve an award for referring to Susan Boyle as 'the darling of the world'. She is indeed, it is a perfect description, thank you!

Little biased in your story aren't you? Yes Donny dances better then Joanna, and yes Donny dances as well as Mya, no Aaron does not dance better then Donny.

DWTS has always been and always will be a popularity show with dance as a background.

The judges are showing expressed bias this year especially to Mya and Joanna, so not real fond of their opinion anyway.

Carrie Ann is really biased and always favors Mya. You are right; they, particularly the biased Carrie Ann, do not provide strong support for Donny. Too bad that they have a problem with someone a little older possibly winning. Derek is a genius as the judges said; his choreography was outstanding.

I lost some interest in the show once the judges decided the three of them, by themselves, would vote someone off. Again, with the witch Carrie Ann being so prejudice, it seems to cheat the viewers. It should be the viewers' choice, not the choice of the judges. If they want ratings to continue to slip, what they are doing with ensure it.

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