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And the 'Dancing' beat goes on and on and what was Bruno thinking?

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Week 7 of "Dancing with the Stars" was one of the most odd if my memory serves me right... and it does.

There was judge Bruno Tonioli awarding a crummy "7" to Michael Irvin, talking about how much the former pro footballer has improved!! Moments later, after loudly pointing out to Donny Osmond that his performance was just riddled with mistakes, Bruno promptly awarded the popster an "8"! I'm sure there's a logical explanation. I'm waiting, Bruno. Still waiting.

Kudos to Aaron Carter for finally picking up a personality at the mall over the weekend. He and Karina finally clicked in their fiery jive!

It was also a night filled with snotty noses... literally. There was Lacey Schwimmer looking like the flu had completely taken over every inch of her being, until Mark smartly told her to JUST GO HOME. Alas, poor Mark had only two days to work with substitute partner Anna Trebunskya and the result was a samba that the judges said was akin to "a mess," or as Bruno so eloquently put it: "It was like Kung-Fu Panda does the samba on Planet of the Apes." Just sit back and let that comment waft over you.

In the team competition, Team paso doble (Mark, Mya, Aaron and Michael) did their stomping best but just couldn't put the sync into their in-sync dancing. The final score: 24. Did you get a look at Michael Irvin's six-pack abs?
And now back to our program....

Over on Team tango, Kelly, Donny and Joanna were just too hot and too coordinated, and their tango was a sizzling success wtih the judges. Score: 29.

Back to runny noses... there was Donny in rehearsal footage going on and on and on and on about how sick he felt. There's something nasty going around the halls of the ballroom.

It's a double-elimination Tuesday night, and I'm thinking Mark and Michael will probably be hitting the road. I for one will be sad to see Michael leaving as his scores have steadily climbed and his dancing really has improved. Mark just hasn't been able to find his stride as the weeks went on. The stunning upset might be Kelly, who has been (up until tonight's solo samba and group tango) just a bit lackluster.(She was my early pick to make it to the finals, btw).

Stay tuned.

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Well, excuse Donny for being sick! Dah....the pros get to stay home and get better while the celebrities have to carry on or drop out. I don't remember hearing Donny complain other than to say he was having a hard time concentrating because he was feeling under the weather.

The only reason the judges see "mistakes" are because they've seen the rehearsal. For those of us seeing a dance for the first time, "mistakes" that celebrities like Donny make are part of the dance...except, of course, the obvious trips! This is, after all, dancing with the "stars" not pros! All of them do wonderfully well given the limited learning curve!

Mark deserved better scores, Mya and Joanna were overrated. While not an Aaron fan, I must admit he nailed it. Michael looked good too! Kelly was a bit stiff but still looked good! Donny, as always performed well. As for your waiting for an explanation, I think I covered it above. Secondarily, as so many others have noted elsewhere on the internet....Donny's performances may have "mistakes" but the choreography that Kym throws at him are full-on while Michael's have been simplistic...lovely when nailed, but simplistic. That's the scoring difference.....

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