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TV Review: FX's 'The League'

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'The League'
Two and a half stars
9:30 p.m. Thursday on FX

Have you been despondent since 2003's "Old School" came out, longing for the kind of aging frat boy humor that will make you snort beer out your nose?

Well, this buddy sitcom's for you.

It's supposed to be set in Chicago, although the actors are suspiciously trim, their wives uniformly hot. A group of guys who've known each other for 15 years bond over their shared obsession with fantasy football, even if it means negotiating draft picks at their kids' birthday parties.

The dialogue is entirely composed of trash talk, and as far as that goes, it's pretty creative. If you approach it from an anthropological angle, you'll appreciate learning that two guys who've had sex with the same woman are called "Eskimo brothers." "You have to know what your Eskimo family tree is, that's how things get done," explains a gentleman named Taco.

Standouts in the cast include bespectacled Nick Kroll ("I Love You, Man") and the orthodontically challenged Paul Scheer -- you'll recognize him from "30 Rock," and as the "Kaboom!" guy from "Parks and Recreation."

Maybe you've matured to the point that jokes about porn, pedophilia, dogs with Down Syndrome, Robert Blake and magic aren't funny to you. Me, I laughed. But I'm not proud.

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1 Comment

So there are no trim or hot people in Chicago? Are you not from Chicago? I'm offended by that statement.

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