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TV Review: Comedy Central's 'Secret Girlfriend'

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'Secret Girlfriend'
Three stars
9:30 p.m. Wednesday on Comedy Central

The premise is this: You are the star of "Secret Girlfriend," with the camera seeing everything through your eyes. It's based on's internet series, and now it's successfully making the transition to Comedy Central in back-to-back, 11-minute mini episodes. The humor is fast and often beer-related.
You never talk. Other characters talk into the camera, reacting to you, but the only way you communicate is through texting.
So, based on the first couple of episodes, what do we know about you?

*You are a gentleman in your 20s.

*You are the strong, mute type.

*You are attractive, as you do rather well with the ladies.

*Your psycho ex-girlfriend is prone to relapses and singing about her "pink and empty" parts.

*Your friends are raunchy -- and very funny.

For instance, your roommate Phil's main goal in life is to create a viral video involving an oversized baby highchair. As played by Derek Miller, he is unshaven, shaggy, and really impressed by the food at the local strip club. This is the kind of show you can practically smell.

It's a challenge, says Miller, who grew up in Flossmoor and trained at the Piven Theatre Arts Center in Evanston, Second City and improvOlympic (now iO). Being quick and funny on your feet is one thing; acting like you are the wingman to a camera is another. "It's a completely different muscle," says Miller, 34, who was originally brought in as a writer. Things didn't click for the first few days, he said. "I've never written for a character who can't respond. There's a lot of commending him, or shaking our heads at how easy he is, or admonishing him for having a psycho girlfriend."

Miller got his start in show business the old-fashioned way: By applying for an internship at Second City that didn't exist. They took him on anyway, and as part of his duties Miller organized 35 years of unfiled news clippings, photos and scripts. "I got a really intimate knowledge of not only Second City, but all those comedians," he says.

Miller was around during the runs of "Saturday Night Live's" Adam McKay and Rachel Dratch, "Scrubs'" Neil Flynn, and "30 Rock's" Scott Adsit and Jack McBrayer. "Tina Fey was so lovely to me," says Miller. "She'd invite me over to sit with them at lunch."

Now living in L.A. and newly married, Miller spends most of his time teaching improv at iO West. He finds it's far more difficult to clarify the concept of "Secret Girlfriend." "I've explained it to my parents ad infinitum, but they just didn't get it," he said. "Not until I showed them the pilot. Then they said, 'Oh, so I'm the guy watching!'"

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"*Your friends are raunchy -- and very funny."

We ARE talking about the two guys on Secret Girlfriend right? Unless this is one of those indy comedies that are too funny to laugh at.

This show is kinda like if Maxim Magazine writers tried to write a comedy series and just like their magazine, forgot the funny.

Secret Girlfriend sucks... WORST FRAT COMEDY EVAR!

"Secret Girlfriend" has got to be, hands down, the worst sitcom to ever air in the history of television. Worst than "My Mother, The Car". Worst than "According to Jim" (yes, it's possible!) Worst than "Homeboys In Outer Space". The leads are two guys who seem like they've been sniffing paint thinner all day, wrapped around a plot that goes nowhere and appears to be written by two horny 15-year old adolescents. Throw in some young women who have far less talent than Miley Cyrus and presto! You have "Secret Girlfriend".

If you want laughs, rent "I Love Lucy" or "The Dick Van Dyke Show" on DVD. These classics are light years funnier than this crap.

As I wait to actually watch something good on television I'm going to write this blog about how much secret girlfriend sucks. It looks like a highschool film student's wet dream. If I want to watch a show like secret girlfriend, I will go out with my friends to the nearest bar and try to pick up girls. Here are the things that the actual experience differs from the shitty show. 1: I actually talk to girls 2: I learn from mistakes. 3: I actually have cool friends, not like the ones in secret girlfriend 4: Women actually play a game. not like in secret girlfriend where they just give themselves away easier than a redbull car passing away free drinks. OK if you're a geek and scared of talking to women this show might be the first thing I would recommend to get over your phobia of women. For the other guys who actually get girls; what's the point? We all have our secret girlfriend experiences. To me this is just another contribution to brainless comedies that are dumbing down America. I mean, even South Park, carries points, cultural reverence, and funnier jokes than just two fat guys who are borderline retarded. This show works on the internet when someone has nothing better to do, has writer's block, or is just distracted of work and wants a quick laugh. Not a 30 minute series where actual money, and production values are put in to it. I don't know how much the budget is for this show, but with the horrible actors and actresses (who are hopefully not union actors), it's DV camera POV 100% only angle, and horrible art design, this show should be under 500 dollars to produce weekly. First there was the fall of American public education, next the recession, a failing health care system, and now there is Secret Girlfriend. Secret Girlfriend is a symptom of how producers now perceive the youth's intellect. They are not just wrong, but contributing to an epidemic of idiocracy in the United States. This narrow minded film making needs to stop, and actual good writers and directors need to take over television.

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