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Donny Osmond's, Paula Abdul's awkward 'Dancing' moments

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Almost dozed off tonight thanks to some of the most uninspired and positively ballroom dancing in the history of the show. And then, there was Donny Osmond, who in a fit of I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT... was determined to plant a loving kiss on Bruno Tonioli's eager lips by dipping the startled judge about as far back as a person can be dipped when they're about to be kissed. What was THAT all about? It was funny when Cloris Leachman threw herself lovingly at the judges, but Donny just looked ridiculous (refusing to just let the gag die) and uncomfortable. Even Bruno looked a bit perplexed. And Donny, never one to let a gag die, could only comment "I don't think they're gonna let me back in Utah."

Carrie Ann Inaba could only comment, "Well that was a bit awkward."

And THEN there was Paula Abdul, ringside, and being interviewed by Tom Bergeron who plied her with a simple question to the tune of "What do you think of tonights' show?" I still have no idea what she babbled in reply, only that she called Len Goodman Led BADman.
How funny is THAT?

And somebody has opened a gynormous can of crankypants this season in terms of the judges' comments. Len and Bruno have been brutal to the point of painful; and I haven't seen so much use of the "4" and "5" paddles in the history of the show.


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