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'Dancing with the Stars' week six looks weak

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So it's week six in the ballroom and things couldn't be more boring. What has happened to this gem of a reality show? Where has all the fun gone? Most of the contestants look tired; the pros just look bored. There's very little chemistry out there on the floor this season, and for some reason Samantha Harris' inane backstage chatter has become interesting. No, not really.

But it was a boring Monday night in the ballroom, despite Len Goodman's continuing firing off some very tough criticism--- and for once, all of it very much deserved. Some of the toughness has rubbed off on Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Toniolo who were both extremely critical on this night.

The highlight of the night was the mambo danceoff, which played out like a real dance competition with all the couples out on the dance floor. Mya and Joanna were the last two standing and alas, it was the swimsuit model (Bruno's personal fave this season) who walked away with the full 10 extra points from the judges. Gotta admit she fought very hard to win that dance.

Overall, it was a night of humdrum Viennese waltzes and not too exciting jitterbugs, save for Donny and Kym, who were not technically perfect, but who, at least in their jitterbug, managed to make it look like it was fun.

Can't say the same for pro Chelsie Hightower who was dropped not once, but twice by her partner snowboarder Louis Vito. NOTE TO LOUIS: Dude, she fell so hard on her behind toward the end of the routine you could hear the thud over the music. Making it all worse was the fact that he was so absorbed in his own awkward dancing that he didn't even realize it.

Two people are going home tonight. I have to admit it's a hard one to predict. Michael Irvin could be dancing a lot better if his pro partner Anna Demidova would actually choreograph something halfway interesting. Melissa Joan Hart has a great partner in Mark Ballas but she is just not improving as the weeks go by. I dunno. Right now, it's all about fan base because other than Joanna, Mya, Donny and Kelly, the dancing is so even keel this time out it and the judges' marks so "all over the map" that it wouldn't be suprising if one of the better dancers gets the boot before the dancers at the bottom of the leaderboard.

But based on the performances last night, I'm thinking either Michael or Melissa Joan will be hanging up their dancing shoes tonight.

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I just have to vote and hope they do the right thing.. ?
Thanks Nice Post

I agree with you about Derek. Joanna danced like a desperate hussy. It as a mess. She is obviously Len's favorite, and you can see how the judges are beginning to try and stack the deck. This is the time the fans really have to come through.

I keep asking myself, why are there no black professional dancers? Have there ever been any on any of the seasons? I find it odd.

All I know is whatever Derek Hough was doing w/Joanna it did not look right and didn't look like dancing to me..whatever. I don't get the judges. They obviously have favorites cause they will get higher scores no matter and those that actually look better get lower scores. It is really starting to annoy me. I just have to vote and hope they do the right thing.

Still can't believe Gilles M. didn't win last year. You know they fix who goes and who stays to some extent - whoever will bring in the ratings. That is what it's all about...otherwise Aaron Carter would have been gone by now, but since he cried that makes for good TV..I guess....

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