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Dancing with the Stars judging is coo-coo kinda crazy

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Okay so it's just about an hour into tonight's competition and can you say "HUH?"
the judging tonight is so off-base it's comical. I have to admit it, I miss Len Goodman. Fill-in celebrity judge Baz Lurhmann (film director/screenwriter extraordinaire) has so far had very little to say about the dancing and way too much about drama, costumes and acting the part. Oh ya, he is a director, isn't he? And Bruno is so over-the-moon about sitting next to Lurhmann that he can't concentrate on the bad dancing we have seen so far (save for Natalie Coughlin who actually showed some spunk and Louie Vito who is so excited to be on the show he actually lights up the ballroom with his smile).

Seven's for Debi Mazar's tango? Seven's for Joana Krupa's uninspired footwork? What's happening folks... last week we saw 4s and 5s for much better dancing.

You can even see it on the faces of folks in the ballroom. No standing-Os; no thunderous applause.... oh well, maybe the best is yet to come tonight. Here's hoping Kelly, Donny, Aaron and Mya can bring some genuine dazzle to the ballroom.

Stay tuned.

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