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'Dancing with the Stars' claims its second victim of Season 9

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It came down to three: Louie Vito (and Chelsey Hightower), Kathy Ireland (and Tony Dovolani) and Debi Mazar (and Maks Chmerkovskiy).

And then there were two: Debi and Kathy...

And then ... cue the creepy music and eerie red light... it was Debi Mazar left standing in as Kathy Ireland was shown the exit door from the ballroom on week two of "Dancing with the Stars." Can't say I didn't predict it. Ireland just doesn't have the fan base of the rest of the pack, though I thought she'd beat out Tom DeLay for at least another week. And I am truly sorry to see Tony exit so early on in the competition.

This year, the elimination rounds find the couples grouped into "like scores" categories (all those who earned 21 points, those who earned 19 points and so on), and out of those score groups, Samantha Harris and Tom Bergeron reveal couples who are safe.... and those who are "still in jeopardy" I don't like the word jeopardy, but I guess its' better than "possible loser." But I digress. I haven't decided if I like this format yet, as there is something to be said for the "no particular order" system used for the past 8 seasons. On the other hand, it makes it seem less random.

I think Mazar and DeLay caught a huge break this week. Time will tell.

And somebody please tell Aaron Carter to pick up a personality on his next trip to the mall. He may dance like a firecracker, but that stiff, cold, empty stare of his has got to go. Maybe the rhumba or the paso doble will melt his dancing heart.

And one more shout-out to Mickey Rourke is definitely called for! Wonder if he's got a cha-cha-cha in him?

Stay tuned.

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When Aaron Carter DOES smile, he seems to light up a room. I can only guess that despite his confidence in precompetition interviews, he is scared, nervous, or both. Or perhaps he simply wants to show he takes what the judges say very seriously. Who knows. I suspect all of the contestants will loosen up a bit as the weeks go by, Carter included. At least he hasn't spent every second on video complaining and whining like Mazar. What IS that woman's problem? She has singly the worst personality of the show and I wish she had been asked to leave, not Ireland!

I was really sorry that Tony was givenb the boot! Kathy wasn't good enough for him to teach to dance. she had nothing and I like Tony alot and of course he is an international dance champion .
The one that should get the boot big time is the old man that is stuck on Cher. He really messed up last night and should have been booted out. I don't know why Dancing with the Stars pickes the old people. and also any football players. None of them are graceful.

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