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'Dancing with the Stars' Louie Vito and a long-lost relative?

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Is it just me, or does that impish Louie Vito (who is charming the pants off of the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom this season) bear an eerie resemblance to former child star Mason Reese? Look closely. Seriously. Take a real, close look.

louie cropped.jpg mason reese.jpg

'Dancing with the Stars' claims its second victim of Season 9

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It came down to three: Louie Vito (and Chelsey Hightower), Kathy Ireland (and Tony Dovolani) and Debi Mazar (and Maks Chmerkovskiy).

And then there were two: Debi and Kathy...

And then ... cue the creepy music and eerie red light... it was Debi Mazar left standing in as Kathy Ireland was shown the exit door from the ballroom on week two of "Dancing with the Stars." Can't say I didn't predict it. Ireland just doesn't have the fan base of the rest of the pack, though I thought she'd beat out Tom DeLay for at least another week. And I am truly sorry to see Tony exit so early on in the competition.

This year, the elimination rounds find the couples grouped into "like scores" categories (all those who earned 21 points, those who earned 19 points and so on), and out of those score groups, Samantha Harris and Tom Bergeron reveal couples who are safe.... and those who are "still in jeopardy" I don't like the word jeopardy, but I guess its' better than "possible loser." But I digress. I haven't decided if I like this format yet, as there is something to be said for the "no particular order" system used for the past 8 seasons. On the other hand, it makes it seem less random.

I think Mazar and DeLay caught a huge break this week. Time will tell.

And somebody please tell Aaron Carter to pick up a personality on his next trip to the mall. He may dance like a firecracker, but that stiff, cold, empty stare of his has got to go. Maybe the rhumba or the paso doble will melt his dancing heart.

And one more shout-out to Mickey Rourke is definitely called for! Wonder if he's got a cha-cha-cha in him?

Stay tuned.

Mickey Rourke in the ballroom

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How cool was it that Mickey Rourke was sitting ringside at "Dancing with the Stars: The Results" show tonight! There he was, with sparkly fedora to boot, cheering on good pal Chuck Liddell.

Doesn't get much better than that!

Dancing with the Stars week 2 improves with time

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So the second hour of "Dancing with the Stars" was lightyears better than hour one... but the judging still left a LOT to be desired.

Marc Decascos completely fell out of one of his dance steps and every judge pointed it out, and yet he scored higher than the aging Tom De Lay who merely misstepped at the very end of his tango.... his scores were not as gracious. And he's in a lot of foot pain. Ouch.

Mya, what can I say but another electrifying performance, and Donny Osmond, at 51 the second-oldest dancer proved dancing is for all ages. Aaron Carter continues to dazzle with his precision.

Shame on Tony Dovolani and Louis Van Amstel, two of my favorite pro dancers who tanked their partnerst tonight, Kathy Ireland and Kelly Osbourne, respectively, with choreography that was too uninspired (in Kathy's case) and too complex (in Kelly's case). Louis should have stuck with a very straightforward, classic tango routine for Kelly who just fell to pieces after one misstep (and it wasn't that big a deal looking back on it); and Tony just never connected with Ireland and the duo never connected with the music during their rather cold fox trot. The routine may very well be the one that sends Ireland packing.

Predictions for Tuesday's elimination? I'm thinking Kathy Ireland or Tom De Lay will be stepping out of the ballroom for good.

Stay tuned.

Dancing with the Stars judging is coo-coo kinda crazy

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Okay so it's just about an hour into tonight's competition and can you say "HUH?"
the judging tonight is so off-base it's comical. I have to admit it, I miss Len Goodman. Fill-in celebrity judge Baz Lurhmann (film director/screenwriter extraordinaire) has so far had very little to say about the dancing and way too much about drama, costumes and acting the part. Oh ya, he is a director, isn't he? And Bruno is so over-the-moon about sitting next to Lurhmann that he can't concentrate on the bad dancing we have seen so far (save for Natalie Coughlin who actually showed some spunk and Louie Vito who is so excited to be on the show he actually lights up the ballroom with his smile).

Seven's for Debi Mazar's tango? Seven's for Joana Krupa's uninspired footwork? What's happening folks... last week we saw 4s and 5s for much better dancing.

You can even see it on the faces of folks in the ballroom. No standing-Os; no thunderous applause.... oh well, maybe the best is yet to come tonight. Here's hoping Kelly, Donny, Aaron and Mya can bring some genuine dazzle to the ballroom.

Stay tuned.

"Brothers and Sisters" returns Sunday night to the ABC lineup and with it comes the hunka-hunka-burnin' love himself Gilles Marini. The sexy Frenchman who was last season's runner up begins a 5-episode stint on the series. Apparently, "B&S" star Sally Field is just smitten with the handsome young actor.

Check out this little tidbit:

It really was no surprise on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show, now was it?

Macy Gray was the first female eliminated from the bloated Season 9 competition. In her two dances--- the Viennese waltz and the cha-cha (relay) Gray just didn't seem like she was having much of a good time as Jonathan Roberts tried his best to bring out the best in his student. Having returned from a grueling monthlong tour of Europe, Gray looked tired and at times lost on Tuesday night during both of her dance routines. Who could blame her? On the otherhand, why commit to a reality show if your first love --- making music --- involves a month of touring that impacts your dance training? Of course, she will go down in history as the first "Dancing" star to earn the coveted 7-second delay bleep for her, uhm, "comment" about her uhm, "first time" ... on the dance floor.

On the men's side of the aisle, it was the tall and lanky Ashley Hamilton (son of the forever-tanned George---- and previous "Dancing" star) who was shown the door following his disastrous fox trot and uninspired cha cha relay. No surprise there either. On Monday night, he was truly a bore on the dance floor. Again, there were extenuating circumstances, which he revealed quited candidly: He suffered a motorcycle accident that left him in a wheelchair for a year; his left side still unhealed. And what of his pro partner --- "Her Nakedness" --- Edyta Sliwinska? What will a "Dancing" season be without her impossible bronze tan and lack of clothing? Note to ABC: The show just lost half of its male viewing audience.

There are some glimmers of hope thanks to Donny Osmond, model Joanna Krupa, and singer Mya who won over the crowd (and the votes) with their pretty impressive dance skills. (Sorry, Aaron Carter may have snagged high marks but his dancing bored me to tears).

But it was little Kelly Osbourne who astounded the crowd with her dancing and sex appeal. Both her Viennese waltz and cha cha (relay) wowed the judges, the ballroom and especially her proud parents who sat ringside and bawled their eyes out with joy. Osbourne's the one to watch this season.

And speaking of ringside... wasn't it interesting that Jermaine Jackson was front and center Monday night, and sis La Toya (in her role as "special correspondent" for "Access Hollywood") was all bubbly in her vantage point on Tuesday night? Rumors swirled this summer that La Toya was headed to the ballroom until the untimely death of her brother. By the time the next season of "Dancing" rolls around, Ms. Jackson just might have a change of heart judging by the happy look on her face Tuesday night.

Here's a thought... Maybe the entire Jackson family could participate next season... Oh let's make it an all-out battle of the singing/dancing families: The Jacksons vs the Osmonds.

Stay tuned.

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