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'Mentalist' vs. 'Psych': What do you watch?

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Caught up on "Psych" over the weekend and loved it. Does Dule Hill have any Emmys? I rank him up there with Kevin Dillon as a comedic genius.

At any rate, seems like strange timing to have two such good faux-psychic-helping-the-police shows on the air... What's your preference? Does anyone watch both, or is it the kind of situation where you must choose?

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I actually do watch both of them but Psych is definitely my favorite. James Roday and Dule Hill together just makes for a great show. Plus their obscure 80s references are always fun to look up. The Mentalist is also very good, but completely different. Psych is a comedy with crime fighting sprinkled in while The Mentalist is the complete opposite. Regardless of the fact that The Mentalist appears to get their plot from Psych, they are both good, but if I were to buy The Mentalist season 1 or Psych season 3, I would choose Psych since it is so fun to watch each episode multiple times.

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