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The Chicagoans of 'Hell's Kitchen,' season 6

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I'm not a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay. For me, verbal abuse is not entertaining -- or appetizing. In fact, I was at a Subway recently when the manager barked at an employee for using chicken breast instead of turkey breast, and I vowed never to go there again. I don't care how fancy Ramsay's sandwiches are, I'd boycott them too.

And the chef¹s not the only one with a temper on this show. This is one of the most volatile "Hell's Kitchens" ever, with an easygoing Texan almost immediately getting into a scuffle with refined maitre d' Jean-Phillipe. Then there are teasers that Chef Ramsay just may get a faceful of fist this season. Dare we hope?

I'¹s hard to believe that the sous chefs could get so passionate, considering what they¹re competing for. Are you ready? The winner will be named Head Chef at . . . Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia.

True, the restaurant will get plenty of business when the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games come to town. But really -- Canada?

At any rate, two Chicagoans are trying to stand the heat in tonight's two-hour, sixth-season premiere. And no matter what our personal feelings may be, it is our duty to support them. So keep an eye out for:

This 23-year-old attended the Illinois Institute of Art, and now works as the executive chef at a children's camp. She says her inspiration is her mother, but Mom can't be too happy with Lovely's work ethic. In the premiere, Lovely disappears for 45 minutes in the middle of a challenge to enjoy a leisurely bottle of water. She's a fighter, though. Lovely admits she has a lot to learn, and can dish it out; she turns on a competitor who served a pregnant woman undercooked fish.
Low point: Chef Ramsay calls her "Dumbo"

Resembling the Tony Stark of "Iron Man," except without the confidence, this 30-year-old learned the art of Italian cooking when he spent a year in Florence. Now he works as a culinary store manager, helping customers select spatulas. He's charming in interviews, but timid in the kitchen. At one point, a competitor takes his entree station away from him.
Low point: He wrestles with grapefruits; the grapefruits win.

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