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'The Bachelorette' recap: Wes is a horrible, horrible man

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I don't know Wes's last name, and I don't want to, because then he will have gotten his publicity and he will have won. Texas should be ASHAMED of you, Wes. Good luck in Chihuahua, Mexico, where you are apparently worshipped as a god, and please don't ever set foot again in America, much less Canada, because you are OUT. I'm not sure if leading sweet Jillian Harris on is grounds for treason, but it should be.

Poor Jillian finally picked up on the body language -- ie, he sat as far away from her as possible, even though we know from Reid that she smells good -- and he smirked his way through the rose ceremony. "If it's me, you boys will know that I'll be back home, having lots of sex," he remarked to a visibly stunned Kiptyn.

After he was dismissed and sent home in the limo -- which was driving in circles, so as to get Wes's finest drunken commentary -- he opined that he was "the first guy ever on 'Tthe Bachelorette' to make it to the top four with a girlfriend." And then, sarcastically, "You know, I think it's going to take a long time for me to get back on my feet again...." He confessed, "My acting days are over." And we learned that both his Wes's dog and his band are waiting for him back home. "I'm cutting off the chains," he said.

Publicity stunt complete! And with style! Because so many of us are dying to buy a romantic single from THE SLIMIEST MAN ALIVE.

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Wess is so SLIMY. why come on a show like this? he is a joke. i hope his c.d. chokes!!! His girlfriend is such an idiot with low self esteem to date anyone like him! Shes the one we should feel sorry for, he left her at home to be publicly humiliated, what a sad sad woman. At least Jake cared enough as a friend to tell jillian....i hope she feels STUPID for letting Jake go!!! BIG BIG BIG mistake Jillian.

WES IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT! He will get what he deserves! He isnt even cute and his music is horrible! No one should end up with a pathetic boy like Wes! I'm surprised his family played along. They seemed nice.

Yeah! Stupid Wes! How totally horrible and not obviously scripted at all! I'm sure that whoever Jilian picks will totally be loving and caring and stay with her for longer than 2 months! Just like all the other bachelors and bachelorettes from this show! Oh, wait...

Wes Is Horrible! He Stinks!! I HATE Wes! Jake should be the next bachloer! Whyd she vote off Jake! Shame on Her! I Hate Wes! If you agree Speak Up!

People leave Wes alone. Jillian is a "groupie" that like country bad boys. Any girl that love bad boys deserves to get played period!! She is a grown women and is capable of take care of herself and should be able to figure out a wolf in sheep's clothing! Its funny how it took 3 guys to come forward and tell her that Wes was here for the wrong reasons, not only is she a bad boy country loving groupie but also the most dumbest female in the world. I have a feeling she has been played by many guys in the past that's why she is so blind. Jillian got what she deserves,, to you smart girls out there don't ever be dumb like Jillian you cant find love in a show love happens in unique places unexpectedly not forced! She is looking for love too hard. I find this show funny some people are just pathetic!

Boycott any and all of Wes' music. And if any shows have him on as a guest, call and complain.

I'm a 41yo guy, and still do stupid things on occassion; but would never do something as scumbaggish as what WUSS did. His arrogance is also nauseating. I've always thought of Ausitn as a VERY COOL place; and even though this creep is one person, he taints Austin for me now.

Don't call him Wes, call him WUSS.


"Wes" is the reason woman become jaded about relationships. The reason we date is to figure out if people are who they say they are and if they are liars. As for the "Wes'" of the world, liars and cheats ruin it for the others. Once a cheat, always a cheat. I hope when Wes has a little girl of his own (probably after 5 marriages), someone screws her over too. Remember Wes, what comes around goes around and you should be screwed out of your CD sooner rather than later. I hope we are all around to see it your failure. Your family is no better for all going along with the lie too -- I hope they are proud of themselves. The world is full of bad people, I'm sorry to see that they come from Texas as this is NOT they way true Texan's are. Jillian should start to listen to those around her and get better instincts-- stop crying and start dealing -- this is reality. Wes needs to take a long walk off a short pier! Adios!

Wes is so corny...grow up and way to make America love you. I'm sure the other night will really help in your music career. A**hole.

did ANYONEE catch the incredibly racist saying/comment he made at the end of the limo ride?!?? regardless of everyone's opinion on Jill or Wes having a girlfriend and lying he clearly is extremely disrespectful and out of line. I hope country fans realize this and do not support his career.

What a scum of a guy!!!! I hope no one buys his stinking CD. He isn't very good anyways. I can't stand guys that are so damn stuck on themselves. What an idiot!!! If any of you have a MySpace page, send him a little note....I don't and would love to! I will never remember him for his supposed musician title, but for being a complete blithering idiot!

What a scum of a guy!!!! I hope no one buys his stinking CD. He isn't very good anyways. I can't stand guys that are so damn stuck on themselves. What an idiot!!! If any of you have a MySpace page, send him a little note....I don't and would love to! I will never remember him for his supposed musician title, but for being a complete blithering idiot!

You must be that losers girlfriend Gina!!!!

I have a question - what did Wes say in the Limo after leaving Jillian: It's on like a pile of ?WHAT?

I am so glad that Wes finally said the truth, not only to finally validate his relationship with his girlfriend (who must have felt awful knowing her boyfriend was out with another girl) but to MOSTLY to prove Jake right. The truth ate at Jake enough to come back on the show and try to save Jillian, Wes made Jake look like a liar and it wasn't right. I hope that Jillian has now seen the footage of Wes admitting the truth. Oh man, remind me never to go to Chiwahua, Mexico, what a lame town that must be. Really Wes has no talent, and I personally do NOT think bad publicity is good publicity. I would never pay money to listen to Wes. Girls are always attracted to the bad boy, I'm not surprised and do not think Jillian has low self esteem. It is a fact that people are attracted to unavailable types because we all want what we can't have to some degree. I think it was good that she saw for herself what he is. She is incredibly smart, if she is that awesome off camera then Wes doesn't even deserve to be in the same room as her. I cannot believe his family lied to her face, treat others as you wish to be treated. That family is an embarrassment to the world.

I was shocked by Wes' antics on Monday night. But did anyone else notice that Ed laughed when Wes said he was going to have "lots of sex tonight"? I'm pulling for the other two for sure. I think Ed is bad news too.

I love country music but not from Wes! Asta la vista en Mexico, Wes! That's the only place where you'll be selling your CD's! You have no talent! Maybe try for're really good at playing a slimeball. Your poor pathetic girlfriend, she needs counseling!

Spoken like a true woman scorned, Paige. What are you going to do now with Wes's CDs and that poster of him hanging on the ceiling over your bed? You know the one I am talking about. Why can't you admit that you like the bad boy, and his latest antics only fuel your desire?

Everytime he played that song for Jillian, I was thinking, "UGH! Not that boring song again!" lol It was very lame. I feel bad for his family and especially his mother, to have raised someone that would be so manipulative, slimy, and deceitful. If he does have a girlfriend, she must be "quite a catch" to let her boyfriend go off to cheat and make her look like a pathetic fool back home waiting in the wings.

AND my favorite part...LOL@ being a big star in Chihuahua, Mexico!!

Thanks God he's gone! I'm glad I don't have to hear his terrible song anymore. Wes, have fun playing the Indian Casino circuit.

I am a country music fan, and I think a lot of people are like me in the sense that they would never buy any of Wes's music based solely on the kind of person he is. I know there are plenty of businesses without integrity, but I also don't know any decent/scrupulous business that would now want to deal with Wes on any level since his lack of integrity likely follows to all aspects of his life. I think his gig's up because he was on the show instead of the other way around.

And one thing I really wonder about . . . Since Wes clearly had a very long-time girlfriend back home, it would seem that his entire family had to be in on his ploy and lying right along with him. I guess being treated like that by his family and his family covering for him could be how his narcicisstic personality developed.

Whatever you think of Wes as, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that his band sounds the same as any other. Good luck, Wes, you need it because the one thing you lack is talent.

Rock on Wes! He's hot, and an awesome guy! He's way out of Jillian's league!

HAHA!! Wes is the man!! He is the only one that is honest about why EVERYONE is on this show. First, you do not find true love on a TV show where someone is making out with multiple people in a few days. If that were in the real world, she would be considered many unmentionable words. Second, LOVE is not obtained during fantasy outings. Love is found when you endure hardships together. When they get into the real world and have to endure the struggles of everyday life, it's obvious these relationships fail. These guys are on there cause whenever the show ends, they will be a mini celebrity in the bars they go to and will get attention. It is impossible that so many guys all like the same person and that she is all their "perfect woman". I watch this with my wife more for laughter than anything. To hear men lie about how much they just "love" being with her. Wes hit it right on last night when Jillian told him she was so excited to see him. "YOU SAY THAT TO ALL THE GUYS." Guess what? She does!! Cause it's an entertainment show first and everything else comes second. I would love to hear one person just say, "You know what I'm not really feeling you, you're completely not my type. I'm going to go ahead and leave the show" That won't happen though cause they'll lose their 15 minutes of fame that they are looking for.

You know, I have to say...let's take away "he pushed his cd" and let's say he didn't have a girlfriend...Wes was...STILL A COMPLETE SLIMEBALL!! Quite frankly, I don't know what Jillian ever saw in him, right from the start. I hope she gets her self-esteem up because only someone who doesn't believe in themselves would fall for the loser lines he gave her. I hope she marries Ed and they get married on t.v., makes lots of money and then I hope Jillian makes her own c.d. and it outsells Wes' piece of junk!! I thought his songs sucked and I LOVE country music!

To the previous commenter at 5:45: Dude...WHO ARE YOU!!! Is that Wes's sister leaving comments?!! you are a fool to believe what you wrote. He is disgusting! He was NOT heartbroken. He is a dirty, no good looser who I hope never gets another woman in the sack ever again. He is the ultimate douche bag. He gives musicians a bad name, and his acting didn't fool anyone watching. Jill NEVER said she wouldn't move, but he wasn't willing to move at all. WHY? because he is a dumb musician (not all musicians are=)) with no other talent in the world, and all he has going for him is a bunch of dirty guys back home wanting to beer pong and high five. What a winner.

I am SO glad Wes is finally gone! What a guy! He has the nerve to take it that far- coming to the show with a girlfriend already, staying on the show just so he could get some publicity, putting himself first- without even stopping and thinking, "Now, wait a minute- what does this mean for Jillian?" She really liked him. But he didn't care. What a jerk! He was playing her the whole time! I hope he falls off a cliff. Jillian deserves better!

I think Wes is pathetic and not worth mentioning again.
I think Jake should be the next Bachelor...

Finally!! Wes is gone. What took you so long Jill? I am from Texas, and I have to admit, I am ashamed of him. Believe me, most men here are true gentlemen, but there is always that rotten apple in the bunch. And what's with those torn jeans? If I was Jill, I would be embarassed to be seen in public with him. She's in a beaultiful dress or outfit and Wes in torn jeans and that raggedy shirt. Good riddance to bad rubbage.

I totally agree that Jake should be the next Bachelor. What can we do to make that happen?

I believe ABC must have prolonged the "Wes thing" like they did the "David thing"..remember the guy that was going to kill everybody? And that's a shame. Now every Bachelor/ette season will have some insidious drama to be played out. It started with Jason...and Melissa/Molly...and Jillian. When did reality shows become scripted drama?

I couldn't agree more with the article! What a JERK Wes is! To almost act like it was a bet by saying he was the first guy to make it to the top 4 with a girlfriend!! Ugh, I'm so happy Jillian read write through him and made a smart decision by sending him home!

Melissa, its not about politics. Its about character. You dupes are everywhere. People are willing to follow guys like Wes anywhere just cause he talks sweet. Stop drinking the Kool Aid.

Wes is a major dirt bag. He lied not just to her but her lied to ABC on the forms and should be hit with a large lawsuit and see how that helps his new career!!! To sit there and brag about how far he went on the show, and in the process lied to people, his family, Jillian and cheated one of the other bachelores out of the opportunity to be there for the right reasons. I hope with the truth out now no one will buy his records or go to any of his shows.

I like Wes too. He layed his heart out there and was willing to have it trampled on. He admitted he was shut down and it obviously hurt him. He had to save some face. Jillian is a beautiful, fun, wholesome girl that has had her fair share of rejection too and wasn't willing to support him and move to Texas where his life is.

Jillie - I think you are the best bachlorette ever! Smart, adorable, someone that finally has some morales when it came to overnight dates and funny. I am soooo very glad that Wes is gone- he made my skin crawl and I never could understand what you saw in him. Sitting at home watching this every week - it was even hard to understand what he was saying. He always sounded like he had a pile of S*#^T in his mouth! Do you look back and wish you would not have let Jake go? I loved Jake from the very beginning and my second choice was Ed. I think you are on the right track now-anything is better than Wes. What a jerk. He made a fool out of himself.

Hope you find the love and happiness you deserve.

Why are we even still talking about him? Lets forget him and his drama. Then, his ploy for attention would backfire. Leading boycotts and etc will just lead to further attention.

Goodbye Wes.

I've been in the music industry and I knew the first time I saw Wes sing and talk about his song, his cd, that he was there for the publicity. I also think ABC was in on creating the drama (isn't that a surprise after last season) because they always showed the clips of him singing his "song" or talking about his cd. ABC edits the final footage so they choose what is shown on tv. Plus they showed all that footage in the limo. If I could have reached through the tv last night I would have slapped him when they were sitting there at the table. The way he acted made me sick. And in the limo he said that he had a tour ASAP, maybe that explains why he was trying to get sent home because clearly that is what he was doing by the way he was acting. the limo he said his acting days was over, oh please, he is NO actor because most everyone saw right through him from the beginning. Now if there was an award for ACTING LIKE A JERK.....we have a winner!!!!

My guess is ABC is setting Jake up to be the next Bachelor. Anyone with me on that theory?

Wes is a loser. His family should be ashamed on having backed him up. They obviously knew his real motives. It makes me sick and I would never listen to his music after this.

Man was Wes a jerk or what? I thought he was cool at first.. but did he ever show his true colors.. but you know?.. he obviously learned deceit from the house, since his family was lying their butts off for him. He had lizard eyes, and his tongue even slid in and out like one too!
good RIDDANCE.. what about cool Jake being the next Bachelor?

He was a lazy, no-talent, good-for-nothing, so-so looking dunce angling for the golden ticket, simple as that. Glad he's back to obscurity. Maybe in his spare time he'll learn to use a razor.

I dont like country music, but after listening to Wes' music, I love it... but wont buy it for obvious reasons. Jillian didnt give credit to Jake for waking her up from her "bad-boy" Wes. Wes used her up and then left on his terms when he was done. It must be embarassing for Jillian to fall flat on her face for her bad-boy choices. When youre 27 years old and listen to your heart, not your head, that can be a very dangerous combo... she didnt even give Jake any credit for doing the very difficult and standing up for her. Instead, she does the unclassy thing and took all the credit and congratulated herself for her good decision-making process. I hope Jake will be the next Bachelor and pick an intelligent, beautiful woman.

Wes said he has to take care of "number one". That says it all.
He wouldn't make anyone a good marriage partner because of his conceit, arrogance, traveling, and lack of concern for anyone else. Thank goodness for Jake told Jillian about him.

Wes has almost as much musical talent as he has chin, i.e., barely there. And ladies, take it from me -- weak-chinned me are worth neither your time nor your dime.

Please let us treat ladies like gentlemen should. I am hoping that Wes is not a native, as this is not the way we were raised down here. Jake has shown us that a Texan is really chivalrous. Thank you!

'wes is the man'- when did this turn into politics.. no one is talking about clinton... and I dont recall anyone waiting in line to date him or telling their friends how hot he is... haha your a joke you must be his pathetic girlfriend.

I cant believe he lasted that long, what a loserrrr he was! He sang the SAME song like 15 times- I ended up putting it on mute after the 2nd time of hearing it. The song was horrible, the band looked like a joke, and his family should be ashamed of lying on national television, they must have 0 morals.

And for people who say they cant stand Jillian or the show... then dont watch it.. and stop commenting about it....

Gina, YOU are an idiot.

TO Gina, Why don't you get a date with WESSY Boy if you Love him so much!! He is a disgrace to the male species and you are the same to the female species!!! Ask LAUREL TO JOIN YOU ON A DATE

Wes is the perfect example of what women want. You are all belly aching about his behavior. What a crock! You were all charmed by his smooth talking in the beginning and waiting in line to date him. You all told your friends how hot you thought he was and now you look foolish. You are just trying to save face.

He will sell tons of cd's. Look how many people voted for Clinton and love him despite his non trust worthy behavior. Hypocrites!

Go Wes. He's not the fool! You are!

I would like to find out the name of his record label and start a healthy boycott of him and his band. I think we should turn his joke back on him. so if anyone knows the name of his label, let me know. Let's be pro-active and give this kind of loser a taste of his own medecine.

While he defintely made for some better TV as the "villian" on the show, Wes has effectively left the perception that he's an absolute slime-ball who is willing to manipulate, lie, and get his family to lie for him. Is that the image that anyone who's trying to build a country career would want? Wes could have easily said some nice things about Jillian and denied having a girlfriend in his last limo ride. I'm not positive Wes is as big a slime-ball as the show made him out to be, but I KNOW he's stupid when it comes to image-managing his career.

Wes, don't EVER forget that what goes around comes around, and what goes up MUST go down....One day you will be hit in the face by the truth and I swear you will not believe the pain you caused, not just to Jillian but to your family, friends and yourself.

I can’t believe that you are able to sleep at night and look your shitty face in the mirror…

How about Wes' eagerness to go to the Fantasy Room with Jillian? I hope his girlfriend dumps him!

Wes is a complete loser. He wasn't good tv at all. After the first episode everytime he was on I would change the channel. He was boring and everything that people hate about the United States. Arrogant for no good reason, completely rude, and unintelligent.

Look it took Jillian awhile to figure out he was a jerk but she did I dont know how he made it as far as he did , hes got the personality of a ZERO which wont take his pathetic music career too far, his voice stinks and so does his honkey tonk band LOL . He looks like he fell out of a clown's Azz!!!! comb your damn hair its not sexy and if those are your best dud's , you might find a better wardrobe at a thrift store! Go home to your loser girlfriend and your pathetic family , and if I ever see ya's on the street ill make sure to give ya a nice honker in the eye ya all !

The whole thing was probably staged (although I don't believe Jillian knew, and that is just plain cruel!). Texas IS ashamed of Wes (I live in Dallas), and if I ever saw him on the street, I'd probably walk up to him and punch him in the ovaries.

All I can say is that I'm glad that finally Jillian realized what an idiot he is. First of all, his music is not even great, I heard a few of his songs and I have to admit, he is not a good singer. I hope Jillian finds true love, and I hope that whoever she choses, that she makes the right decision.

Wes will get what he deserves, he is a loser just like his family that lied just to protect their son, they should be ashamed of what they did.

Gina, if you are saying that you can't stand Jillian, is maybe because you are jealous, or maybe you are Wes' girlfriend or relative. Who knows...

"Puleez. Wes is no different from anyone who goes on any reality show. He just admits why he's really there" - that. Everyone has their ulterior motives as to why they are there in this sham of a 'reality' show. At least Wes was honest. The faux outrage is hilarious - why not be upset at Ed and his phony work return and his girlfriend back home?

This rat (Wes) is a disgrace to Austin, TX, where I live. If we have any values left, no one will buy a single CD.

you misunderstood him when he said that it would be a long time in getting back on his feet.... he was being facetious, and meant he was going to have no trouble. Also, when he said his acting days are over , he meant acting to be interested in Jillian. he is just a slime-ball and I think that his career was killed by this.

Are you kidding? Wes is the stupid one, NOT Jillian! Where are his common morals and courtesies? He deserves NOTHING for doing what he did!

So Gina,

You like guys who lie and cheat and dump on you? Yeah, you would be the type to hate Jillian. It's girls like you who get both women and men mad for their idiocy...

Puleez. Wes is no different from anyone who goes on any reality show. He just admits why he's really there. Imagine the show without him! Such a boring, repetitive bunch of guys. And Jillian! So tedious. So desperate.

Totally agree. I actually do want to know his last name so I can slam his crappy music to everyone I know. Just because people know who you are doesn't mean you'll make any money from it. He's ruined his chances for any sort of endorsements, too - who would want a nasty-a$$ liar schilling for them?

I soooo agree!!! I can't stand this guy! I am a huge country music fan and if he ever comes out with a CD that sells in America, instead of Mexico, I will never buy it and I will tell all of my country music loving friends not to buy it and what he did. Slimiest man alive does not do this man justice. I could think of alot worse words to describe him.

Shame on ABC for letting Wes continue on the bachelorette after he even hinted that he was there to sell records! They just gave him a free advertisement for the last few weeks. He is a dirtball loser, but, sadly, there are still thousands of idiots who will buy his records and go see him perform because too many people lack any values. ABC should interview his girlfriend, his mother and his sisters and grill them on why they lied on national TV. Why not throw the camera in their faces unexpectedly and let them fall to pieces when blindsided. That would be just a little taste of what they deserve. What kind of woman allows her boyfriend to do this?! What if Jillian had spent the night with him?! What would the girlfriend have done? I wonder if she isn't using him as he was using ABC and Jillian. I have to ask what kind of people Wes and his family and friends are. Class-less, and that's being nice. I hope Wes knows that what goes around comes around.

I think Wes is pathetic and if his girlfriend allowed him to go on the show, they make the perfect couple. He is a lifeless personality and is conceited for no reason... I will not listen to his music! Jillian did a great job in picking the final 3!

Love Wes!!! Totally gave stupid Jillian what she deserves. Can't stand her. Wes is good t.v.

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