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'The Bachelorette' recap: SPOILERS AHEAD

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Chicago's Ed Swiderski is one of the last two men standing on "The Bachelorette," but there have been "bumps in the road," as he puts it, to everlasting bliss with Jillian Harris.

Last night's episode was nothing short of a gaping pothole.

After Ed salvaged his job at Microsoft and worked his way back onto the show, he made up for lost time by flying his parents in to meet Jillian in Hawaii. It would be hard not to love them; "What the hell are we doing here?" asked his father, a rare voice of reason.

"I swear that I would get engaged if she picked me," Ed told him. "Honestly. I just have to pull the trigger."

Afterward, Ed and Jillian retired to the "fantasy suite" to have "some intimate, cozy, sexy time," said Jillian. The lights went out . . . and then the lights went back on again. That doesn't usually happen.

It's hard to say exactly what the problem was. Ed explained, "I was very nervous, and uh, it just didn't happen. ... I couldn't show her that I really truly am in love with her."

All we know is that they didn't connect physically, and they put the blame on "pressure," "exhaustion," and being sunburned. My theory? Maybe Ed finds the constant presence of a camera crew - oh, I don't know -- inhibiting.

Undaunted, Ed told Jillian via video, "I love you." And after a last-minute tete-a-tete, Jillian awarded him the second rose.

Will Ed drive California prettyboy Kiptyn off the freeway of love? Next week, the bachelors tell all in a reunion special. And on July 27, Jillian may or may not receive a proposal of marriage.

There's at least one thing we can count on, according to the previews: Jillian will cry again.

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I was watching an episode of My First Place on HGTV the other night and lo and behold the Realtor for the guy buying the house was Reid Rosenthall from last year's The Bachelorette. I thought I recognized him in several previews for the show but when it came on, yep, it was Reid. Still a cutie but didn't see a ring on his finger. Guess he's still single.

Ed is in love with any woman that gives him attention. He is a nerd. Poor Jillian, if you want a boring, sexless life then you have picked the right guy.

I was so hoping she would have picked Reid! Ed left once already, who is to say it won't happen again? I hope Wes gets TOTALLY dogged on the reunion show. Hate him!!!

No one knows if they are having sex. Quit jumping to assumptions. As for all the negative remarks regarding the show, quit watching it if you have a problem with it. It's that simple. I cannot stand it when people make rude remarks. IF YOU DON"T LIKE, DON'T WATCH IT!!!! I believe that she should of kept Reid. This is reality t.v. They clip a lot of things out b/c if it was boring, no one would watch it.

Maybe Ed was concerned about all his girlfriends he has back in Chicago - see Reality Steve today. And don't worry - you'll see Reid again when he comes back and tries to proclaim his love for Jillian, who seems giddy to marry anything that walks. Her insecurities are really starting to show now. This show sucks.

Shouldn't be calling her slutty and talking down about her when we only see parts of show, we don't know what really happens...and who are we to judge. Every other bachelor and bachelorette has spent fantasy nights too. Most bachelor, bachelorettes don't end up with who i want them too either but i'm not them, i don't have the same values or thought process as them. I just wish jillian the best in this crazy adventure!

She definitely is not looking for a relationship with excitement and chemistry. She will pick the most boring and predictable guy on the show - Ed. She seems to want a boring guy that she has no chemistry with. She has serious problems with guys making a commitment and would take a guy she who is boring, has no chemistry but is dependable rather than go for a relationship that might be a challenge and progress at a slower rate but have rewards in the end. Hope she and Ed live a boring, predictable life which is what she deserves. I am very disappointed in her and her decisions.

LOL...Reid is gay man...can't you guys see it?
Even Wes said that in the car after he was eliminated...
Ed just couldn't get it up and that is very common when they have the cameras and people with microphones can hear everything...
But yes, I agree w/ a previous comment that if she's banging the other guys, I won't take the rose...
If she likes ya and you're the one, she wouldn't be banging the other guys, even though she has to be banging each guy to see if they get along that way...
but it's stupid, because these relationships will not last...
The guy that ends up proposing is watching this show every Monday night like the rest of us...
And if he sees her making out and doing stuff w/ the other guys, well then, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a change of heart.

I cannot believe she let Reid go!!!!!!!!! He was the one who seemed genuine and they didn't act uncomfortable around each other. What is she thinking! I hope he is the twist at the end that comes back to ask her to marry him!!!! Ed is Greg Brady all over again, yuck! And don't even get me started on Kiptyn!

WOW, poor Ed was under immense pressure. That was the most camera footage of the fantasy suite ever! I think he was definitely set up to fail.

I am SICK! Although I liked ed and kip, REID was the best choice in my mind.

Since Jillian has only shown real chemistry with Reid the man she sent home I have to think that Reid even got a worse edit and hatchet job than Wes. Did ABC send Reid home or did Jillian? Has anyone ever cried that much when they sent someone home? It was the worst night in Bach/lorette history - just plain ridiculous. Either show a real love story or cancel the stupid show. Cut out the drama, we have soap operas for that.

I think she should have picked Reid. I just don't think Ed is that into her.

I really thought she was gonna end up with Reid....

Well from what I gather she slept with all 3 of the final 3, so its no wonder why ed couldn't perform. Maybe he was concerned with the other 2 guys having had sex with her to.

Personally, knowing she has slept with the final three, and who knows how many of the others on the bachelorette show it is pretty much no wonder why she wasn't picked on the bachelor last season.

As for me, if I was on the show, and knew she was off having sex with the other guys to, i'd just leave the show and reject her "rose" because she is being slutty.

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