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'The Bachelorette': Nagging questions answered!

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After a marathon conference call with Jillian, Ed, Kiptyn and Reid, we can finally tie up some of "The Bachelorette's" loose ends.

Q. Will Jillian and Ed live in Vancouver or Chicago?
A. She will move into Ed's downtown apartment Sept. 1, and is working on getting a green card for work purposes.

Q. Where will the wedding be?
A. Probably Canada.

Q. Are they open to getting married on TV?
A. Probably not.

Q. Is Jillian sticking with her hot-dog-topping theory of men?
A. Yes. In fact, she's working on a book about how to decide if a guy is a keeper or not based on whether he's a sauerkraut guy or a ketchup monger.

Q. What kind of hot dog topping does Ed prefer?
A. "I am a mustard guy, a hundred percent," says Ed. (So is Jillian's dad.)

Q. Has Ed taken Jillian to his favorite Chicago karaoke bar, the Blue Frog?
A. Not yet.

Q. When the time comes, what will Jillian sing?
A. "Patsy Cline," says the country-music lover. (Ed is on record as [ital]not[unital] being a country fan.)

Q. What was Ed's reaction to the discussion of his temporary impotence?
A. "I was a little stunned but I wasn't too upset, because I knew the outcome of the show," says Ed.

Q. What is Kiptyn's ab routine?
A. "I just try and do something active every day and eat OK," he says.

Q. Was Reid trying to embarrass Jillian with the cut-short question about the fantasy suite?
A. "I was going to ask who she had the most fun with in the fantasy suite," says Reid. "I stopped myself and thought that was an inappropriate question."

Q. Did Reid get a refund from the ring he bought for Jillian?
A. "I was able to return the ring, yes," says Reid.

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I was glued to the TV set all season and was very excited to see last night’s “After The Final Rose” in hopes that maybe someone would come back and announce he was the next Bachelor (IE REID!) How hot did he look, wow! I really had wanted Jillian to pick Kiptyn too though because I thought their energy and zest for life was much more aligned than her and Ed. Though in the end the show was awesome, lots of surprises and shockers. Check out these exclusive pictures I found of the show and finale!!! Enjoy!

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