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Interview with Jillian Harris, the Bachelorette

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Just finished a conference call with Jillian, God bless her. She could probably use a nice extended breakdown about now.

My mom: "Ask her how much she weighs. She's so tiny!"

I did not. But here were the highlights:

*OK, this is a shocker. Jillian has already downloaded Wes's lame song, "It Don't Come Easy." In fact, she's downloaded the whole CD. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ANYONE ELSE TO DO THIS.

*She says she was only full-out drunk three times -- for the first rose ceremony, the second rose ceremony, and the snowmobiling date. But there was a lot of drinking, and she never got a day off. Her big hangover cure? "Coconut water. It's like drinking 10 Gatorades, with no sugar."

*Jillian's recommended toenail polishes: Revlon's Make Mine Mango ("Tanner really loved that color"), and My Chihuahua Bites by OPI.

*For her dream wedding, she would have red and white gingham tablecloths, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and her Aunt Becky's cabbage rolls.

*In trying to keep the guys straight, Jillian called Jesse "Josh." Twice.

*How did she feel about Ed's short shorts in Hawaii? "I loved 'em! Short shorts are huge in Europe right now. I thought they were very fashion-forward."

*Jillian talked to her parents after they met the final two, and asked them if she should be ready for an engagement. Her dad said, "Babe, you signed up for this, it doesn't mean you're walking down the aisle right then. A proposal in this case signifies I'm ready, I like you, I love you, I'm happy that we went from 0 to 60, let's start a life together, and a year from now see where things are, and get married."

*She clarifies the overnight visit with Ed: She says it was sweltering hot, and talking awkardly about his ex-girlfriends. "I think he was ready to throw up," she said. And that sexy oil-rubbing scene? She said it was just aloe vera, because they were burnt to the point of blistering. "We both passed out, and in the morning, I was very stressed out that we hadn't used our time to see if we had a physical connection."

*Her pick for the next Bachelor: Michael Stagliano, the breakdancing instructor, and his twin brother!

In general, Jillian made it sound like there's not necessarily a chosen guy, much less a proposal, at the end...

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lol, Michael and his brother!!! I loved Michael x10 on the show. how funny would it be to have twin bachelors!?!

i really liked Jillian in the beginning but she just seems too perfect she seems as good as an actor. is this even real? does she have alternative motives? like is she after a big job does she want to be an actress? i hope its real and if it is then i liked her and Reid together the best.

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