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Emmy nominations: First impressions

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Seth MacFarlane, the creator of "Family Guy," already was honored with some pop-culture props this year, when he filmed an ad for, along with the likes of Alec Baldwin. And now comes further confirmation of his comedic genius: "Family Guy" is the first animated show to be nominated for best comedy since "The Flintstones" in 1961.

And so completes Phase One for Stewie Griffin's diabolical plan for world domination.

A few other surprises:
*Cult hit "Flight of the Conchords" got some unexpected love, with a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series and Jermaine Clement's nod for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy.

*Critics can't be complaining too much. Each show in the Outstanding Drama Series is a solid entry.

*Two fan favorites scored nominations: Simon Baker for "The Mentalist" and Jim Parsons (who also announced the nominations) for "The Big Bang Theory."

*Zach Braff was snubbed for his years of "Scrubs" duty.

*Sci-fi fans will be using the word "frak" a lot to complain about the absence of "Battlestar Gallactica" nominations.

*My biggest disappointment? No recognition for "Gossip Girl's" Leighton Meester. But mark my words, she will have her revenge.

*Sarah Silverman was a surprise pick for "The Sarah Silverman Show."

*The numbers: "30 Rock" has 22 nominations; "Mad Men" had 16; "Grey Gardens" has 17 and "Into the Storm" has 14.

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For the first time in 21 years, I finally have a REASON to watch the Emmy Broadcast....Simon Baker being nominated for "Best Actor for a Drama Series"! Life couldn't be better! He is OUTSTANDING in his role as Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. No one could have played this role any beter. I have never been moved so much by a performance by anyone. Their was an episode were he cried and let me tell you, there wasn't a dry eye in OUR house. His performance may seem simple to many but WE the viewers know talent when we see it. Hugh your heart out!

Disappointed that Leighton Meester didn't get a nod. Not knocking this year's Best Actress nominees - all obviously formidable actresses, but I have no doubt that she could command a scene even acting with some of those Best Actress nominees. But the Emmy voters seem to fall in love with movie actresses who've moved into television and don't recognize those who seemingly haven't "paid their dues" yet. She'll get recognized in the future, I'm sure.

I knew Grey Gardens would rake them in! Weeds had a good presence as well as Dexter. I was glad to see the United States of Tara mentioned as well - and Mad Men - well - that is just gorgeous TV all around.

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