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Brilliant idea: TV show with estranged celeb moms

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I recently caught a cable showing of "Fred Claus" -- go ahead, judge me -- and truly enjoyed the scene where Vince Vaughn, as the brother of Santa, ends up in therapy with other brothers of famous people.

There was Frank Stallone, of course, and Roger Clinton. Stephen Baldwin had a great bit where he got upset at someone, who yelled, "I'm not Alec!"

It reminded me of the 1999 sitcom "Movie Stars," which had a similar premise: brothers of famous guys hang out together, and with Harry Hamlin, for some reason. Frank Stallone, Don Swayze, Joey Travolta... It was canceled, but I swear to you I would have watched it.

Isn't it a time for a reality show or talk show starring the estranged mothers of stars? You could have Jennifer Aniston's mom, and Meg Ryan's mom, Drew Barrymore's mom, Candy Spelling of course... I think it could be cathartic, as well as dishy. The moms are definitely available. Maybe Britney Spears could fight with her mom again, so we could have Lynn Spears, too.

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