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Another non-Gordon Ramsay fan: his mistress

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Last year Sarah Symonds made headlines when it was alleged that Chef Gordon Ramsay had cheated on his wife with her -- over the course of seven years. In my review of the new season of "Hell's Kitchen," I wrote that I didn't care for his verbal abuse. I wonder how many fans he's lost because of this scandal?

Sarah e-mailed me this morning to say she agreed with my assessment, and had some more to say, too. She's been on "The View" and "Dateline NBC" recently to promote her book, Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman.

Does this make you want to boycott "Hell's Kitchen"?

From Sarah:

"I was flabbergasted to recently read that Gordon had suggested I was 'an Extra' brought in for the finale episode of Hells Kitchen Season 5 (aired this April.) so when I was personally invited by Gordon and took along two of my best friends - my hairdresser and his partner - who dined with me all evening. We were given the best table in the house (or so his PA had told me) and Gordon came over to chat to us personally, while my friends insisted on giving him a gift, a special bottle of wine they had brought to thank him for the invite. When filming was done Gordon sweetly arranged for us the luxury of a tour behind the scenes to see where it all happens and to meet his team. We later bid him goodnight, sharing kisses all round.

Any one who knows me knows I have never been an extra in my life. Not withstanding that, I have also read recently that he called me 'deluded' for saying we'd had an affair over a period of seven years. Now, while I am wiling to concede that many men view an affair as just sex and won't accept the actual "A" word, surely Mr. Ramsay is the deluded one here if he doesn't even know his extras from his mistresses?'

Initially I was disappointed when Gordon denied our affair, as I felt he didn't show his bombastic on-camera behavior to own up and move on (I quote, "The good thing about me is that when I make a mistake, I put my hands up and say:" unquote) however after I thought about it all, if he HAD admitted it right away, it would have all been over in 24 hours; this way it will drag on now for months..."

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Why is this woman accorded credibility instantly and why is Chef Ramsay the cad?

Celebrities like him,(especially like him that are real and unaffected) have people and especially women throw themselves at them. I don't see him being concerned about blame but I know I'm correct in saying that Chef Ramsay is the victim!Although I'm of the belief the affair was in the deluded womans mind....Gordon responded correctly that he's a married, devoted family man and AS A TESTAMENT to the strength of his marriage...his wife made beautiful statements supporting and affirming her husband.

Congratulations to Chef and his family for being such a testimony! If anything, this has only proven the depth of Gordon's character.

Ms. Symonds is quoted above saying, "Any one who knows me knows I have never been an extra in my life."

I don't know this woman, but with all due respect, I have read in the last five minutes of her confessing to at least two affairs with married men. So far, in all of my knowledge of her, she is little more than an "extra" in other peoples' lives.

My question to her is, "Have you ever been anything else?"

This woman is skankified to the 10th power. I agree with Ruby Slippers that she does deserve to get married, then have her husband taken away by someone just as skanky as she.

Instead of just cutting her losses and moving on - as she says Gordon should have done - she's milking her 15 minutes for all it's worth. Girl sit down somewhere. There are many younger, cuter, firmer bodies out there to replace you any day.

Sara will be 40 soon. She wants to be married by that time. What I hope most for Ms. Symonds is that she finds a man that she loves with all her heart. I hope she thinks her marriage is perfect. Then I hope that someone just like herself comes along and doesn't give a care to her, the wife. She can take Sara's husband and give him all the lovin' Sara decided she was justified in giving to the chef and countless other married men. Then I hope that sara finds out and perhaps then, she will understand the kind of pain she helped cause. This is what I hope for sarasymonds.

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