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What did Danielle do to Dina after "Real Housewives of N.J."?

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I've been trolling around message boards a bit, but I'm wondering if there's any definitive answer yet as to what Caroline Manzo was so upset about on the reunion. Did Danielle put out a hit on Dina? Hit on Dina's husband? Ding-dong-ditch? Help, I need some "clearance," as Danielle would say...

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OMG-people actually buy into Dina's soulful BS?? wow-no wonder this s--- is still on the air. Dina's just as trashy as the rest of her ghetto-jersey housewives but alas she's too delusional to see it.

Why isn't Lexi on the show this season? And why doesn't Dina's husband ever appear?

This show is very good to watch because of all the drama but its sad that bravo has once again pitched a program in which it portrays how "the other half lives". I read in an article that danielle tried to take Dina's daughter away from her. Anyone that watches the show could tell that Lexi is her pride and joy there is no way Dina would do anything to hurt her daughter, and Danielle should be ashamed of herself to think otherwise

Dina had an affair and cheated on her husband. Danielle knew about all of this and threatened to go public with it. Danielle even mentioned in earlier episodes that she knew way too much information on dina. Why do you think dina was so fast to forgive danielle in the reunion?

Danielle seems way to full of it. There's a reason why she's in jersey and not manhattan...if you guys want to see the real life of a manhattanite (not the real housewives of New York either) then check out Smudged Mascara. It's a really cool blog I came accross written from the perspective of a true city chick. In anycase, all of those women are what Smudged Mascara calls "bridge and tunnel" The site seriously made me laugh so hard. Check it out and let her know what you think.


Nothing Danielle would do would surprise me. She is trash and has acted like nothing else throughout the entire series. She is so jealous of the others it is sickening, and I am sure she would go to any length for revenge. I feel sorry for her girls.. what chance do they have?

Nothing Danielle would do would surprise me. She is trash and has acted like nothing else throughout the entire series. She is so jealous of the others it is sickening, and I am sure she would go to any length for revenge. I feel sorry for her girls.. what chance do they have?

I must say that the women in this show are a sad reality of how catty females can be to oneanother. To think they are raising their children to think they are so-called role models as parents. I think the only one who can say they have an ounce of class on that show is Jacqueline. I have been a New Jersey resident for almost nine years now, and to think they are perceived as a representation of the women here is sad. Don't get me wrong, I have come across a few....but HELLO drama queens are found everywhere!! It is just unfortunate to have another Housewives series to perpetuate the negative perceptions of how backstabing and bored women can be to tear the next one down in the attempt to make themselves feel better. It is sad that I even took a rainy weekend to watch a marathon of it.

I read this in another blog:

"Claudine and Caroline are two-faced psychos. Everyone in town knows Claudine spread the book around. Danielle knows that's the truth too, but she just wants it to go away because she realizes they're never going to own up to it, and the more she presses it, the sillier it makes her seem.

"I don't think Danielle did anything to Claudine and if she did it's not anywhere near on par with what Claudine did to her. Claudine tried to ruin Danielle's life just because Tommy made a pass at Danielle (which Danielle rejected). She told people that Danielle was a prostitute, coke addict, a threat to children, etc. Saying things like that not only destroys Danielle's life but it destroys her daughters' as well. By Caroline NOT saying what Danielle supposedly did to Claudine allows the viewers to come up with the most horrific scenarios in their minds. She knew exactly what she was doing and it's sad how many people have fallen for it.

"Danielle really is a nice person. She's crazy and needy but a sweetheart and deserves better than being dragged threw the mud by those bullies. I hope people start to see the truth soon. I hate to see the bullies always win."

Come on people.....Think about it! She is a no good pig. She tried to sleep with Dina's husband. Why do you think Caroline acted the way she did? I can't believe that this delusional skank has the nerve to drag her girls through this and than claims what a great mother she is.

hicago says:

Danielle contacted Dina's ex and is still in contact with him to help him dig up dirt so he could sue Dina for custody of Lexi.
Danielle in her usual way sorta admitted to it.
Posted On: Friday, Jun. 26 2009 @ 12:31PM

Does any1 know what is was?

These women have NO LIFE. If I had the money they have, I would be on vacation, and traveling the world - not be caught up in DRAMA. It's all he said she said BS - pointless and a waste of time.

i wonder if they will bring back these women for another few episodes this was the shortest ever most are atleast 10 weeks

I read that Danielle gave Dina's ex a phone number to report her abusing Lexi.

I know that danielle hired a hit man to attack Dina. After she tried to dig up dirt on Dina, and came up short, she turned to her criminal past to help her with the act.

I think Danielle tried to have a friend sleep with Dina's husband. Its the perfect revenge. If Dina's marriage falls apart then Dina would be just as lonely as Danielle, which would cause Dina to go into another slump like after her first marriage.

My other though is that she might have tried to get dirt on Dina from Dina's first husband.

Danielle said on her blog, it may have to do with a phone number she gave Dina's ex-husband. Now how she knows Dinas ex-husband I don't know.

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