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TV Review: Showtime's 'Weeds'

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Four stars
9 p.m. Monday, Showtime

Now, where were we?

At the end of Season Four . . .

*On the border, Doug and Andy were becoming successful in their immigrant-smuggling business.

*Andy was on the brink of realizing that he is in love with Nancy.

*Celia's daughter Quinn had drugged and kidnapped her in Mexico for revenge.

*The corrupt mayor of Tijuana, who is also Nancy's spank-happy lover, found out that Nancy betrayed him to the DEA. He was ready to off her - until she told him she's pregnant with his baby. And that it "feels like a boy."

Now that's how you write a cliff-hanger. Creator Jenji Kohan continues to deliver the giddy action and Mary Louise Parker grounds it with her signature deadpan, as Nancy's makeshift family struggles at the mercy of the Mexican mafia. It's the funniest thing you'll see all summer -- particularly if you're drug-free.

The first few episodes follow some unlikely relationships that are oddly touching. Nancy takes a nurturing interest in the goon that Esteban has sent to keep an eye on her. Esteban himself (Demian Bichir) is still disturbingly attractive, especially considering he's undecided as to whether to kill Nancy after she gives birth to his son. Talk about a queasy pregnancy. "If I hear you are not relaxing, there will be consequences," hisses Esteban.

And Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) finds the son she never had in Rodolfo, a domestically abused rebel leader who can never find the right caliber bullets in his cave when he needs them. I pray that Rigo Sanchez becomes a regular.

Another exquisitely cast addition is Jennifer Jason Leigh as Nancy's homemaker sister Jill (or, as the family calls her, "B---- Face"). With their flat whines and lazy sexuality, how could they not be related?

At the center of it all is Nancy, a soccer mom-gone-amok who, you know, may have made a few mistakes along the way. Outrageous circumstances aside, this is a woman you could have car-pooled with, just trying to keep it together. As she sees her older son off on a trip to grow pot in a national forest, she yells wistfully after him, "You bringing sunscreen?"

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OK- does anyone think Guillermo (the Mexican guy in jail) is going to be Nancy's "Savior"? After-all, wasn't that a Jesus bobble head on her back porch with the note?

I think I might lose it after Monday June 15 episode. This show has had a funny funky air to it. Outrageous at times but funny. Esteban raping Nancy was not something I needed to see. I guess I cant' expect to much from a mafia guy but they really changed the tone for me in that scene. I'm amazed she didn't put up a fight. I'm not sure what they can do now to eliminate my utter dislike of Esteban. I really don't have much desire to continue watching. Am I the only one that feels that way?

LOL Nice start to a new season. It was hilarious how people kept getting phone calls for Celia's ransom throughout the episode. I liked how the guy just gave up at and ended up hanging up on Andy. And the look on Nancy's face when Andy told her about the marks on Doug's neck was priceless. Anyways if anyone missed last nights episode you can watch it online for free here...

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