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'Dancing with the Stars' one step closer to semi-finals

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Let's just call it "What a crock, part II."

Honestly, after tonight's scores, could the judges make it any more personal?
They want Ty gone,and granted, he's not in the same league as the other four remaining dancers, but could the judges be a little more obvious about it?

Melissa's samba had an awkward solo at the very beginning, and yet the judges didn't even mention it on the way to giving her a perfect "30" for what really wasn't that spectacular of a samba (look back at a few really great, fun sambas this season). Yet, Gilles' "opening" solo of his rhumba was labeled quite awkward, on the way to his score of 27. Give me a break!.

Okay Len, Okay Bruno.... Melissa will undoubtedly be back next week. But do you have to be so cruel to Ty to send your message home to viewers: "Don't vote for Ty"? He's made it quite far in the competition, and at the very least deserves the judges' respect. I can honestly say, I rooted all season for Ty, not because I thought he could win, but because he embodied what this show was all about way back in season one: taking folks COMPLETELY out of their element and turning them into respectable dancers. He may not end up with the mirrorball trophy, but Ty Murray is a winner when it comes to dancing.

Still don't know what Lil Kim was thinking with her salsa or her Viennese waltz. This is no time to make the number of mistakes she made throuhgout the routines. Her startling scores of 25 and 27 could really jeopardize her chance at a final four spot. And Gilles, what has happened? His over-danced rhumba left me (and the judges) shaking our heads. What should have been a chance at another 30, wound up a 27, and cost him the lead in tonight's competition. Shawn was equally impressive but again, stupid judgement mistakes were made in the choreography of her quick step routine, costing her a chance at a 30; she had to settle for a 27. She did come back with her 29 for a sizling paso doble.

Tomorrow night's results show is anybody's guess. The competition going into next week's semi-finals is just out-of-this-world intense. I'm predicting Ty goes home Tuesday night, leaving Melissa, Lil Kim, Shawn and Gilles set for the greatest semi-finals in the show's history.

Stay tuned...

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I like Melissa, BUT...her "cracked ribs" is a crock. As someone who has had rib injuries, she would NOT be able to do some of the moves she performed if she truly had that type of injury. For a couple of weeks, getting out of bed is a major undertaking, as is going from a sitting to standing position without major effort and pain. This is NOT overcome in a week or two; more like a month or so.

How can people support Ty Murray? he is way out of his league. so he has improved. so what? then give him a most improved award. But he should not be a semifinalist competing among Gilles, Shaun and Melissa. People should not vote for him because they are a fan of his bull riding or his wife's music. He is horrible!

I like Ty, but I really thought he would be going home tonight. This was a surprise, I know what the fans votes can do and they came through for Ty. Ty does try so hard and I am happy for him. I did not like Len's comments. I really think he will go home next week.

I, too, thought the final 4 would be Gilles, Lil Kim, Melissa and Shawn. I'm not sure who I think will win this. I thought maybe between Lil Kim & Melissa. I'm thinking now Melissa.

u2quqa You have to be kidding me! The cowboy that can't even do a good leg cross-over eliminating Derek and CO.? The Russian Czar must be the new sheriff in town! lmaoo, what a crock,, you just dont want my comments posted..... Tuesday nights elimination was so messed up

This is the first season that I really watched the show; howvever this will be my last. I'm very disappointed in Bruno's remark to Lil Kim "YOU TRY TO BE A LADY, BUT YOU'RE MORE COMFORTABLE BEING A TRAMP". What a horrible insult!! He, Bruno and the ABC Network owes her an apology!!

I use to love watching DWTS when it was about amateurs. It is so sad now because they keeping concentrating on "celebraties" who are way too professional. It's not that much fun anymore. Could the judges PLEASE act more professionally?? I am also rooting for Ty because he is the most IMPROVED overall. Isn't that the whole point of the show? At least it used to be. Wake up DWTS judges; you are making a mockery out of what use to be a good show.

This is my first time watching DWTS and will be my last. It's obvious the judging is fixed - got to keep people watching. The worst part is dancers getting perfect scores for not being perfect - Melissa; dancers who deserve perfect scores who don't receive them - Shawn. I think Shawn is blowing the others away in voting which is why her scores do not accurately reflect her dances.

Was I the only one that noticed Ty's Hand Placement during their last dance last night? He was rather embarrassed, I still think he's great. Melissa needs to go home and keep her girls under wraps! She's so fake it's not even funny anymore.

Melissa should definitely remain in the competition because she is very good and yes, she may have a dancing background, but at least she is not dating her partner. Chuck was at an advantage which was not fair to the other celebrities. Kristy Yamaguchi had to dance the ballet in order to help in her skating performances. Many of the celebrities had some dace knowledge prior to joining DWTS. Don't hold that against Melissa. As much as I love Gilles Marini, his rhumba looked more like a "roll in the hay"... very bad judgement that may be costly. As for TY Murray, I think he is absolutely charming. He is the most improved dancer in the competition and should be credited accordingly and not be made fun of by the judges; they should keep their "stupid" comments to themselves. I hope they realize that what they say can often be very hurtful. Len and Bruno should think twice before they speak; they are behaving like school kids. In any event, I sincerely hope TY moves on to the next round; he is awsome. Good on you TY.

Melissa has EVERY RIGHT to be on DWTS regardless of what other people may think. She does have some background in dancing, but at least she's not dating her partner. Chuck had a definite advantage which was not fair to the other celebrities. Although I absolutely love Gilles Marini, I thought his rhumba looked more like a roll in the hay (sorry!!!). Yes TY Murray is not the best dancer of the group, but he is the most improved, most likable, most charming and I absolutely think he should stick around for another week. He has achieved so much since he joined the team. Good on you TY.

Judges: keep your nasty comments to yourselves. Some of them are hurtful especially those from Len and Bruno. You are professionals, these dancers are NOT.

I can't believe Shawn got docked points because her choreographer made a mistake. They're suppose to be judging her, not him, so why dock her 3 whole points (overall) when that was the only negative thing they had to say?

I agree Ty needs to get some credit for making it this far... he has come sooo far, but I think the solo did it it for him. But I have no doubt he'll be back next week. He has all the country, and redneck fans, and including his wife's fans!!!!

BTW did anyone see what was going on at the very end of Melissa's dance? She looked so embaressed, what happened?

I...completely agree. I love Ty. I think he's completely adorable and sweet, and he's worked so hard. I wish he'd stay on. Feh, forget that. I'm pulling for him!

Throughout this competition, Shaun Johnson has been handicapped by poor choreography. It just doesn't take advantage of her tremendous ability. I think her coach is out of his element with unimaginative choreography (the paso excluded). He needs to follow Ty off the stage. Shame on him for his inability to bring the best out of Shaun. Hopefully she will overcome him to survive to the finals.

Throughout this competition, Shaun Johnson has been handicapped by poor choreography. It just doesn't take advantage of her tremendous ability. I think her coach is out of his element with unimaginative choreography (the paso excluded). He needs to follow Ty off the stage. Shame on him for his inability to bring the best out of Shaun. Hopefully she will overcome him to survive to the finals.

You are absolutely right!! Melissa was not a perfect 30!! The beginning was somewhat flaky but GILLES oh my god he's hot and should of deserved a 30!!!!

I think you mean "rooted", not "routed"...

I agree with 'Dancing with the Stars' one step closer to semi-finals
By Miriam Di Nunzioon May 4, 2009 9:26 PM |
OMG could Len and Bruno be any more difficult or ignorant?
Melissa had no business being there in the FIRST place. She has been a dancer and has trained as a dancer and cheer leader all her life... so tell me HOW that is fair to the rest of the dancers with NO dancing background? I thought the idea of the whole show was to bring a celebrity that had NO dancing backgorund.. like a bull rider, or a football player and slowly teach them each week to dance and watch them get better and better and more skilled each week.. BUT I guess I was wrong because Melissa has outshined everyone every week. HOW much TV promotion does she need anyway.. first the bachelor and now DWTS!!! It just wasnt fair to bring Melissa to the show when she had as much dancing background as she has so HOW is it fair to everyone else.
TY Murray YOU are the greatest and YOU have shown a constant improvement week after week. We are proud of you and your accomplishment!!!!! GOOOOOOO TY!

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