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'Dancing with the Stars' is soooo OOH-LA-LA

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Three words for the semi-finals: OOH-LA-LA!

And that is totally thanks to Gilles Marini for some of the most beautiful, sexy, hot, fiery, gorgeoulsy elegant dancing this show will ever see. What a gorgeous Viennese waltz and fiery hot salsa this Cannes-born and raised Gilles delivered tonight. A perfect "60" for two dances that were simply breathtaking!

(Carrie Ann just couldn't contain herself anymore in her whooping and hollerin' and giddy summation of Gilles and Cheryl's salsa).

And then there was Melissa, who looked tired and very deliberate in places tonight. IHer cha-cha didn' t have the usual fire of her dances, and it cost her; she managed only a 29. In the Latin round it was the cha-cha that did her in; she looked tired, and the dance was very deliberate. She eeked out a costly 27. It's the semi-finals Melissa, and you had to bring it. Seems you left it at the door. Ouch!

Shawn had a weird night. A perfect 30 for her Argentine tango (frankly I thought it paled by comparison to Gilles' waltz) was not sustainable in her goofy jive. Like Melissa, Shawn seemed just "lost" in parts of the jive; it was cute and fast and playful, but I gotta agree (gulp) with judge Bruno, it really did look more like the Lindy hop. It cost her dearly, netting her a measly 26. Ouch redux!

And then there was Ty! No, his Viennese waltz wasn't exactly glistening, but he gave it all he had, earning a very solid 25. What a trooper! In the Latin round, he roped in a solid 23 for his feisty efforts! Unless the viewers save him, he's pretty much done for in terms of competing in the ballroom.

I gotta admit it, I'm glad Gilles is back! (He was one of my early picks for making it to the finals). Enough of the "theatrics" of the past few weeks! He is a gorgeous dancer and he proved it tonight with his perfect turns on the dancefloor.

Predictions? I'm thinking Ty's outta there and it will come down to Melissa, Shawn and my prediction for the series champ, Gilles. But there's still the finals next week, so anything can happen. Hey, stranger things have happened in the ballroom. (Melissa, think Lil Kim).
Stay tuned.

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Did anyone stop to think that the reason Melissa seemed tired and unable to sustain her energy in her dances was due to the fact that damaged ribs affect your breathing? Having said that, all dancers absolutely have to be totally on top of their games from now on. We know Melissa can do better and I am sure will.

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