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'American Idol' salaries for Paula and Simon

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The L.A. Times' "Idol Tracker" has tracked down the salaries of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Cowell gets about $36 million from each season of the show alone, whereas reports say Abdul gets about $2 million.

Abdul does, however, have a new album coming out -- and we'll get a sample of that on tonight's show. Negotiations to renew her contract as judge have begun, and Cowell has said that all four judges will be back.

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Simon's a t.u.r.d

Simon Cowell does not own the show, nor did he create it.

Simon Fuller, an entertainment manager of many top stars, created the show and owns major part of it. Actually he created Pop Idol and from that came the Idol franchise in many countries including USA.
He earns many billions from just this franchise and is one of the richest men in the world; much, much richer than Simon Cowell.

I like SC, he's professional. I know his comments sometimes can be so mean but it's true and honest statements. He's gotta do it, otherwise he's not the right person for the job or for his business for that matter. And hey, he's not bad looking either (am sure he goes to the gym or has its own wondering why he's not a married man...or is he?
Any idol compettions need someone like SC....sorry!
Keep up the good work Simon....
your fan all the way from NZ.
God Bless.

Doesn't Simon own the show? Did he not create it? He can pay himself, what ever he wants.

That's crazy! She should demand more money, she's the heart of the show and adds drama and emotion to it. She makes it all seem exciting and important. I can't believe Simon makes so much money... I mean, everybody is waiting for his comment but still it's crazy.

I agree Lawyer Girl but he does spend extra cash to buy those high waisted pants he tucks under his chest.

I still haven't decided if I like or dislike Simon after all these years. Maybe if he was known for his philanthropy, it would elevate him in the eyes of the world. Mostly, though, people just see him as the mean judge on AI. He is rather rude and terribly belittling. Alison is not "that one" and Lil, was not "little"...duh, Simon, Lil as in Lily or's her name, Lil, not an abbreviation for some ghetto nick-name. Anyway, with all his millions, he certainly could do some wonderful things for humanity but all I hears about is how he pays for his girlfriends' breast augmentations or his cars. He seem rather shallow. Anyhoo, at least we know he doesn't waste tens of thousands on designer clothes!

I think Simon is great just the way he is......don't change Simon.

Maybe they should pay Simon less so that he could be critical without being hurtful. Paula does sometimes fumble with her words but she is careful to be critical without being hurtful. Simon on the other hand dresses like a young kid and is hurtfully critical like he could do better. Come on Simon quit being so rude and hurtful and try guiding these kids with a little more niceness and respect!

It wouldn't hurt my feelings if Simon found something else to do after this season!

Simon does not need to dress fancy. He is a SEX god no matter what he dresses in.

Too bad Simon doesn't use his money to dress a little better. I mean come on, wear a suit once in a while.

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